Tuesday, September 20, 2005

killing me softly... 

...is my LAUNCHcast station.

The skies over Los Angeles have decided to open up and pour its watery contents all over our heads today. Why? Who knows? Perhaps in belated sympathy of the victims of Katrina. Perhaps in sympathy of what Hurricane Rita may or may not bring for the citizens of Houston (tip o' the hat to Ray for that link).

All I know is the day started with the sound of rain on my rooftop and it has continued to rain off and on since. Now I sit at work, listening to KGDS, and Rain by Patti Griffin trickles into my eardrums.

And now the music has shifted to a new song: Things She Said by Toy Matinee.

Freakin' A, LAUNCHcast, have a heart. And stop breaking mine, 'k?

And now it's moved on to Action/Adventure by Andrew Bird, whose music is always painfully beautiful.

I don't stand a chance.

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