Monday, January 24, 2005

despite appearances... 

...of my last few entries, I've actually been feeling pretty good lately (recent cat puke on bedspread and computer crashing in the middle of this entry notwithstanding).

I'm starting to be a bit more social, trying to meet new people and hanging out with my friends. Thursday night I attended my first honest-to-goodness book club meeting. The type of book club where everyone reads the same book (Tomcat in Love by Tim O'Brian) and meets to discuss it. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I daresay I would have enjoyed it more if one of the attendees (apparently as new as me) hadn't basically hijacked the discussion with her take on the book and less-than-sympathetic narrarator. From the looks on the faces of the others, I wasn't the only one who wished she would give someone else a chance to state their opinions. Especially when it seemed that her opinions pretty much missed the mark. Not that the rest of us didn't disagree with each other. She just didn't seem to know how to disagree, or allow others to disagree with her, without taking it personally. I'd like to go next month - I just hope she's not there.

Friday night was spent with Sarriah attending Stick Night at the Knitting Factory. For those unfamiliar with Stick Night, or the Chapman Stick (which is the focus of Stick Night), check out that link and the site that surrounds it. The Chapman Stick is a fascinating musical instrument, one that was first introduced to me by friends who play the Stick.

As I walked up to the box office I felt a few pangs, as the only times I've been to the Knitting Factory have been in the company of CuteNerdBoy (to see Jonatha Brooke and Sarah Harmer). But the pangs didn't last all night, thank heavens, making only intermittant appearances. I had a drink, enjoyed most of the music and exchanged a few slightly flirtatious looks with the MC/organizer of the event, so it was all quite nice.

Saturday morning was spent in a way that I'm spending more of my time since the beginning of the year: at a Democratic meeting. Actually I watched George Lakoff speak, with an introduction by Arianna Huffington. While I recommend that y'all click on the Lakoff link to see what he's all about, in a nutshell he advocates reframing the Democratic/Progressive message so that it speaks to the American people in a way that perhaps it hasn't in the past. Pretty interesting stuff and certainly something to take into consideration. And Arianna? Definitely a fascinating speaker. I'm a wee bit leery of her, mainly because I remember when she was a very vocal Republican while her ex-husband ran for Senate (she talks about her change of heart here). But I'm willing to hear what she has to say, as well as Lakoff.

(I realize that I haven't mentioned this before, but I am becoming increasingly involved with Valley Democratic groups, as I've attended four such meetings this month thus far. I feel really good about becoming active in this way. I'm still trying to see where I fit in and how I can help, and I'm feeling horribly shy around all those people. Mainly because I'm still at the point where I feel that everyone around me is speaking in a language where the words are familiar but the context and syntax are out of sync with my frame of reference. I know that won't last too long, though. Besides, after exchanging a few e-mails with a new delegate to the California Democratic Party, I may very well start helping by using any writing talent I may possess. It's very exciting.)

The rest of the weekend was quiet. After a relaxing Saturday night I readied myself for a morning spent with ModelGirl which, unfortunately, she had to cancel because her baby wasn't feeling well, the poor dear. Instead I strolled around the neighborhood, had breakfast, then noticed one of the neighborhood theatres had an interesting looking show that evening, so I took myself to see that. I enjoyed it and after I got home I e-mailed the founder of the theatre (whom I met at the show) and asked him how I could get involved with his theatre. I haven't heard anything yet, but the fingers are crossed.

And in even more exciting news, after I shot off that e-mail, I made a phone call I'd been meaning to make for several weeks. I'd fully expected to get an answering machine, but instead reached an honest-to-goodness human being. I asked her questions, she answered them, and as a result, starting this coming Sunday, I will be starting basic improv classes at the ACME Comedy Theatre. I used to be terrified of improv when I was in high school, but an acting class which ModelGirl and I audited a few years ago required us to participate. And I ended up doing improv and being pretty good at it. The laughter felt so good that I'd been thinking about it off and on since then.

Again, much like the political activism, I feel really good about the upcoming classes.

2005? Looks like it's going to be quite the fabulous year. Whee!

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