Thursday, August 31, 2006

ooh, check out the political links on THAT blog... 

Just added a few links that should have been over under the Politics section ages ago:

Winograd Watchdog - blog run by Marcy Winograd, president of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, co-founder of California Election Protection Network and L.A. Jews for Peace and all around tireless activist. Not only that, she was the Congressional candidate that I worked for earlier this year. Amazing woman - someone needs to bottle that energy.

(PSST: I'm somewhere in the crowds of the photos linked at L.A. Jews for Peace. Play a little "Where's Carol?", why doncha? Though I'm not wearing a knit cap or red/white stripes.)

Iraq Veterans Against the War and Iraq Veterans for Progress - both co-founded by Tim Goodrich, a young Iraq veteran whom I met briefly last summer at an Out of Iraq townhall, in addition to precinct walking for Steve Young and lobbying Howard Berman last year, but I got to know him when we worked for Marcy. A bright young man who is definitely going places.

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