Friday, October 14, 2005

yada, yada, yada... 

Still around, still alive, not horribly deperssed or anything. Just busy, is all, with political stuff, reapplying to register for school, taking assessment tests (never was it more obvious that I haven't even vaguely considered algebra in over twenty years than when I took my math assessment test - so very, very sad), picking up stuff left behind at JPL, etc. Funny how I somehow manage to be busier when unemployed than when earning a paycheck.

Funnier still is I actually worked on a phone bank two days this week in an effort to help send most of the propositions on Schwarznegger's "special interest" election to the dung heap of bad ideas, where they belong. What is funny about that, you ask? I hate phone banking. I even hate the thought of it. I'm not very fond of talking on the phone, unless it's with friends or family, and even then only when I'm in the mood. But I felt I needed to do something to help out and since I hate the thought of precinct walking even more than phone banking, well, calling people on the phone during their evening hours is it. And I'll be doing it again next week.

This year has been all about going beyond my comfort zones. Which is a good thing, but sometimes it makes a girl shudder. Though glomming onto a good looking guy helps a bit, as evidenced by me seriously considering, for even the briefest of seconds, precinct walking because MusicianMan mentioned he would be doing so at some point over the month and I was welcome to join him, if I so desired.

Damn that man for being so freaking handsome. And damn my poor neglected libido. Girl ain't had none since May (and that was damned disappointing - thank G-d for my April experience), and the libido is singing out loud and clear. Stupid libido. So many poor lil' kittens killed because of it...

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