Sunday, July 17, 2005

catching up... 

I haven't really mentioned much of what I've been up to lately, have I? Well, because my time is limited (I'm off to babysit for ModelGirl and her hubby soon), I'll just copy what I wrote in an e-mail to a friend recently. It pretty much covers the last couple of months:
Over the last month or so I've stepped up my exercise again, finding new ways of exercising that won't be a strain on my still sensitive ankles. Bicycling, walking and belly dancing classes fit the bill quite nicely. I'll get back to where I was, then on to my next goal.

As you know from my blog, I'm unemployed again, and a little stressed over money, but pretty much okay with not working at the showroom anymore. I'm busy, yet not. Most of my focus is on political matters, with hopes that I can turn my new-found passion into a money-making proposition. Feels weird to write that, but my trip to Sacramento made me think that I could actually become involved in politics on a professional level, though not as a politician. I don't think I'm that far gone yet.

As a result, I've applied to work for the Villaraigosa administration, but I have also been in contact with someone I'm acquainted with who was high up on Antonio's election campaign who has put in a recommendation for me.

Plus I'm in talks with the secretary of the California Democratic Council to be a regional VP for the San Fernando Valley - a part time job (approximately 10 hours a week) with a nominal stipend, but something very positive, I think. And if I get it (which actually looks pretty likely - another guy who's high up in the SFV Democratic Party has promised me that he will talk me up to the area VP, who has the final say, and that he'll contact people and have them talk me up to the VP too - whee!) I get a mentor (the area VP) and I get to recruit a regional assistant to help me. Pretty sweet!

One of the political groups I belong to (SoCal Grassroots) is organizing a speaker series and I'm working on putting together a Women and Family Panel for the series in November. Something else I've never done, but am discovering I just might be fairly good at. I'll also be working on the SoCal Grassroots website. The vice-chair calls what I'll be doing a Managing Editor position. Yet one more thing that's new and exciting. Whee!

So the money isn't exactly rolling in, but I seem to be laying out a foundation for the next year that will be tons more satisfying than anything I've ever done and will, most likely, have the potential for a good income. I'm also trying to see what I can do to marry my political passion to my creative side in the long run. Maybe I can become a speechwriter! Hmmm...

For a more immediate income, I've been trying to get contract work at JPL through the agency that my friend [Boychik] used to initially get in the door (he's now an honest to goodness scientist at JPL). Obviously I don't want to be a scientist like [Boychik] (I ain't got the background), but temporary secretary work would be fine. Another friend, [MusicianMan] has a lifelong friend who's a scientist at JPL (he worked on the Voyager probe) and has talked me up to him, plus I've spoken with him myself, so something may come of that.

BabySis is due any day with her second child (a girl, [BSDaughter] - I'll be helping take care of her son [BSSon] for a couple of days when [BSDaughter]is born) and the rest of the family is fine. Still wish I could find some way of luring [YoungerSis] and her family from the Republican side, but I don't quite know how...

Aside from politics and exercise and JPL, I'm attending Science of Mind services (I ain't exactly going religious, but I am stoking the spiritual fire - and no, Science of Mind has nothing to do with $cientology *shudder*) and trying to keep busy. Some days I succeed and some days I don't. The time off I had in June? So over it. I'm ready to get back to work in some way. Not sure how, yet, as I really want to keep time open for JPL. But I'll find a way. Of that I have no doubt.


It's pretty late/early and I have to get some sleep, so time to wrap this up. I'm attaching a recent picture of myself, though I don't think I've changed all that much [since I last saw my friend]. But I've got a new haircut that I like, which is always reason enough for a woman to take a picture of herself with her camera phone, don't ya think?

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One thing I didn't write in the e-mail but might require a follow-up: FXMakeupMan. I haven't mentioned anything about him since since the report of our date . That's because there's been nothing to report. He kinda disappeared. We were supposed to get together the following Friday, but hadn't made finalized plans of what time to meet, though we spoke a few times over course of the week. When Friday afternoon rolled around and I hadn't heard from him, I called him a couple of times, finally reaching him at home after 5pm. Turned out he had been ill and left work early to sleep it off. While I was concerned, I may not have sounded entirely sympathetic. I called later to see how he was feeling and to apologize for not sounding as sympathetic as I could have (it hadn't been a good week, so by the time Friday rolled around and the date I'd been looking forward to seeing again hadn't contacted me, I was not in the best frame of mind), left two voicemail messages over the following few weeks, and never heard from him again.

Oh well. C'est la vie. Other than that little glitch, life has been pretty fascinating. Yep, 2005 is an awfully interesting year...

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