Monday, May 16, 2005

weekend report... 

Ah, what a most lovely weekend that was. I'm all ready for another.

Friday night was spent not doing a damn thing. That's all there is to say about that.

Saturday: woke up kinda late and spent too much time primping and preening and trying to look really pretty, but still casual enough for daytime political meetings and an afternoon first date. As a result I ended up missing my first meeting of the day (all meetings were in the same place in Van Nuys). I thought it was going to go longer than it did, but it was breaking up just as I arrived. But I was able to chat with some friends and debate with a few other people I didn't know before the next meeting started, so that was a positive in my book.

Attended my Communications meeting, took notes, talked to people afterwards and wondered where my date had gotten himself to, as he was going to try to come early enough to sit in on the meeting and see what it was all about. Since 3pm rolled about and no sign of him, I was beginning to worry if I had given him bad directions. Luckily he seemed to not pay attention to that and instead just paid attention to the address I had given him, because not long after I called home to see if he tried to reach me he walked up to me.

And now comes the time for a nickname. Yes, it looks like he may end up warranting a nickname in these pages, so why not come up with one now? For the time being I'll call him FXMakeupMan (which is what he does). It may change in the future.

So up walks this man in a short sleeve black shirt, black t-shirt and jeans. A nice looking face, very short thinning pepper-and-salt hair, facial chin hair that's bigger than a soulpatch, but with no mustache attached or even in the vicinity. Slightly larger than average, but not too big. Taller than me, but not too tall. And, most important, very sharp, very warm dark eyes. Once upon a time I was a sucker for blue eyes. Now I'm finding that I'm loving the dark eyes.

I look at him as he hurries up and instantly I knew who it was. I step forward from the people I'm talking to. "FXMakeupMan?" I ask, reaching out my left hand as my right is full of stuff and he's extending his right hand. Of course I used his real name. I think he would have thought me strange otherwise.

"Carol! I'm so sorry I'm late!" He takes my offered hand and there's a bit of a friendly squeeze and a pleased smile on his face. I think I have a responding smile.

I glance off to the side and see MusicianMan - who had been earlier sitting next to me during the meeting and whom I didn't think would be there because he had told me earlier in the week that he couldn't show up - looking at me with an odd look on his face.

(Confession time: MusicianMan and AttractiveFriend - one and the same. Show of hands for folks who already figured had that out? That's what I thought. Damn, y'all are smart! Why I didn't just be upfront to begin with, I don't know. Probably because initially I didn't want to seem to be following the CuteNerdBoy pattern again. Which I totally was/am, but sometimes a girl doesn't like to admit that to others, even if she has admitted it to herself. Now, back to our narrative.)

Anywho, so I'm glancing off at MusicianMan and he's got this look on his face that's a combination of surprise/Who is this guy?/expectation of introductions. But FXMakeupMan is talking and we're walking to his car and we're not all that close to MusicianMan, so I wave goodbye to him and to a few others and into FXMakeupMan's car we go.

(I've been mulling over what that look meant ever since. Yeah, I need to just shut my brain up sometimes.)

We ended up at Gladstone's in Malibu (which is nowhere near Van Nuys) without a break in conversation during the entire drive. Or the lunch/dinner. Or the drive back to my place, which is back in the Valley. And we ended the date with a big hug and plans to see each other again this weekend, if not earlier. He didn't kiss me goodbye exactly, instead leaving a nice little kiss (more than a peck) to the side of my lips, but I got the impression that he was just being a gentleman, as he had been throughout the date.

And yes, the date was very nice. I enjoyed myself very much. He seems like a very cool guy. He's intelligent, funny and cute. And he said at one point that he was having too much fun - with that statement accompanied by a sweet goofy grin - so I'm taking that as a rather positive sign. I think our next date will be just as pleasant and fun.

I was home by 9pm on Saturday night, so I just spent the evening relaxing and thinking and finally watching Frida, which I'd wanted to see for a long time (I liked it - mainly because I love Alfred Molina), then Sunday I met Boychik and his parents (whom I'd never met before) for brunch and the JPL Open House, which was fun and exhausting. It's always interesting meeting family members of good friends. The dynamic fascinates me.

And that's it. Here I am, back at work, and glad for the weekend. Definitely time for another...

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