Monday, March 28, 2005


Tired. So tired. I just want to crawl under my desk and nap.

I had one of those interesting busy, yet quiet weekends. I had Friday off and did pretty much nothing. I even slept in! I haven't done that for ages! I had planned to get all sorts of things accomplished, but only took my bike to my neighborhood bike shop to remove a lock (I lost the key eons ago), buy a new lock and reinflate the tires. And I got some exercise by walking in my neighborhood and dancing in my living room to a couple of the songs from Celtic Woman. Oh, and a little bit of writing too. All else was vegging in front of the TV and napping. Although I'm still kicking myself for not cleaning and doing laundry, I did need that veg day.

On Saturday my fellow writing group members (Sarriah and NewYorkWriter) and I took an artist field trip, riding the Red and Gold Lines of the MetroRail. It was fun, checking out fellow riders, walking around Olvera Street. I'd never been there before and had no idea it was across the street from Union Station. Shows you how often I go exploring downtown. And it turned out that Saturday was the Blessing of the Animals, which meant that pets were everywhere. And very well behaved, for the most part. I saw one dog that was easily the size of a miniature pony. The top of his (her?) head probably came up to my shoulder and I'm not a short woman (I'm 5'6" tall). I love big dogs. The vendors were fun to look at, but I'm an inveterate shopper and it was only an extreme steeling of will (and Sarriah not wanting to stop anywhere) that kept me from spending money. Well, at Olvera Street, that is.

From there we hopped on the Gold Line and took it to the end of the line in Sierra Madre. We ended up at Sierra Madre Villa, where there are a number of Big Stores. Sarriah dipped into Best Buy while NewYorkWriter and I took a stroll around Bed, Bath and Beyond, then shuffled off to my beloved Ross, where I found the Perfect Skirt.

Black linen, fully lined, just above the knee, with a cute skinny black and white polka dot ribbon near the bottom, tied in a cute little bow. And I'm not even a bow person! I hate most bows and frilly things! But not this Perfect Bow.

I have tops and blazers that would go with this Perfect Skirt. I even have several pairs of shoes that would match like a dream. It was the sort of skirt that, just by having it in my possession, all my problems would cease to exist. The world would know absolute peace in my lifetime. Bush and his cronies would realize how very wrong they've been all this time and would step down from their Washington posts, begging for them to be taken over by highly Progressive politicians, who would then fix everything that was broken. Even more miraculous, Doctor Bean and I would be in total political agreement (*wink*).

In other words, angels sang and street urchins wept when I pulled it off the rack. Then I wept, because Ross had one size that was a little too tight and another size that was a little too big, but not the size in between, the one that would have fit me Just Right. I ended up buying the slightly too big skirt, just in case, but when I put it on this morning with the blazer I planned on wearing with it, it just hung kinda funny. And I wept again. I think I'll stop by another Ross this week and see if that one has the right size. Because if it doesn't, I will have felt that I let down Planet Earth. And I just can't have that on my conscience.

Anywho, the rest of the weekend was fine, too. Resting and returning phone calls Saturday night. YoungerSis went in for kidney surgery last week, but she's doing fine - she still has another surgery she needs, which will be next month. She's had these before and she's tough, so she'll make it through fine.

Then Sunday morning was spent at my last beginning improv class. I'll miss it, and most of my fellow students. Of course the student that I won't miss happens to be the one that's a little on the weird side (and not in a good way) who just couldn't get the hang of the class at all. The one who happened to develop a crush on me. I could tell, because he would invite me to sit on his lap. Several times. And yesterday he sat next to me while we were getting individual evaluations from the instructor and just put his arm around me, saying, "It feels like the thing to do, to get all snuggly."

Uh, yeah. Okay. Oh well, I don't have to see him anymore, thank heavens.

I was accepted to the intermediate class, but because of timing it doesn't look like I'll be able to take the next session. Perhaps the one after that, because I really would like to keep it going.

And Sunday afternoon I bused out to Ventura County for Easter dinner with Mom, BabySis and her family at BabySis' place. That was fun and low-key. BabySis is about five months pregnant right now with their second child (a girl - yea!) and is definitely showing. She's so cute! Then BSHubby took me home. I walked through the door a little after 10pm, returned a phone call to a composer friend of mine (he's working on a New Agey piece for a client which he played for me - so pretty, even if he's not much of a New Age-type person), futzed around on the computer a bit, then went to sleep at about 1:30am. And got out of bed at 6:30 this morning.

Yeah, I'm thinking a nap would be a really good idea right about now.

(BTW, for those of you who celebrated Easter, I hope it was a good one. For those of you who didn't, a most happy, if belated, non-religious weekend to you. As for me, I guess I celebrate Easter because I choose to spend it with my family and they celebrate it, but since I haven't self-identified as Christian in many a year, it does feel a bit weird. But that's a whole other blog entry...)

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