Friday, March 25, 2005

beautiful music... 

So many people make fun of those of us TV viewers that are channel hoppers. As if there is something wrong with someone who has no patience for commercials. But sometimes channel hopping will bear incredibly succulent fruit.

To wit: thanks to my channel hopping nature, right now I am listening to a marvelous concert - Celtic Woman. Five very talented women - four singers and a violinist, just blowing my mind and my heart. The singers all have achingly gorgeous voices. The types of voices that make my own voice ache for not possessing such purity of tone and breadth of range. Envy wars with pure enjoyment, but the enjoyment wins out, as it must, as it always will when presented with such stunning musical beauty.

Now the violinist playing and my heart is breaking in two. Considering that my favorite musical instrument is the violin, I think it is time to go and surrender myself completely.

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