Thursday, February 24, 2005

i feel pretty... 

It's just a very pretty day in the World of Carol. I finally got my hair cut last night, after about a year of serving as Split End Collector for the world. It's still long. It just has less weight and some actual style to it. It makes me happy. As do my newly waxed eyebrows. As I rule I prefer to pluck my eyebrows because it's cheaper (i.e. free) and, frankly, I don't trust many people with them. I'm still traumatized by the awful job done on New Year's Eve 2003. But the wonderfully funky chick who did my hair last night (and in fact had cut and colored my hair last time I had anything done with it) did an excellent job with my eyebrows, making my a happy person.

On top of that I'm wearing my brand new contact lenses. I didn't set out to get contact lenses, they just happened. As did eye exam I had on Monday and the new glasses I'll be receiving in the mail in a few weeks. See, BestFriend works for an optometrist. She's pretty high up on the optometry ladder and thanks to work she's done for other doctors who she doesn't work for directly, the doctors at her office gave me both an exam and temporary contacts free of charge. How sweet is that? As for the glasses, BestFriend got a seriously steep discount and is presenting them as a gift to me, despite my protestations. And all this happened because, while at dinner on Saturday, BestFriend informed me that I was going to go into her office on Monday and get my crooked frames straightened out.

Okay, all this also happened because I am an incredibly fortunate person who has somehow attracted the bestest BestFriend in the universe and managed to hang on to her for over twenty years.

So yeah, with my new hair and eyebrows and contacts and gorgeous blue skirt that I picked up at the Krishna run restaurant in Tucson, I'm feeling like quite the pretty, pretty princess.

Watch out, SoCal Grassroots folks tonight! Here I come!

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