Thursday, February 10, 2005

bound and determined... 

...to break my heart. It's obvious that is the intent of KGDS. For these are the last three songs it has played:

Dar Williams - If I Wrote About You

A Girl Called Eddy - People Used To Dream About The Future

Keri Noble - Falling

Now it's playing Fruit Tree by Nick Drake, about which I've blogged before. And my poor little heart is breaking into teeny-tiny pieces.

C'mon, KGDS, I know ya got something upbeat or uptempo in there somewhere. I mean, I rated Red Hot Chili Peppers and Andrew Bird. Maybe a little Louis Armstrong or Heart or Keller Williams or Cream?

Wait, here's a new song... And it's Pendulums by Sarah Harmer. Fine. No problem. I'll just hunt up a little Super Glue and use it on my heart when you're done smashing it to pieces, you evil personalized radio station.

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