Saturday, December 18, 2004

where's the tipsy? 

So last night I realized something new about myself: When I'm sick, I have a high tolerance to alcohol. Not that it doesn't normally take a while before I get drunk. As a rule I can have about five or six drinks before I find myself very definitely drunk. But usually I feel a wee bit tipsy on the second or third drink.

Well, last night I was invited by Sarriah to her company holiday party at Gotham Hall, a rather hip, trendy club on the Third Street Promenade (almost ironic, considering my last entry). We showed up a wee bit late, but got there just in time for the buffet food portion of the evening, which was actually pretty good. I saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while and met a few new people, which was cool. I also danced a little bit with Sarriah's boss and his partner, which was fun. Best of all, BossGuy was there with his boyfriend, who still works for the company. I hadn't seen BossGuy since he quit in October 2003 and I really had missed him. I'd tried to contact him several times since he left, but aside from a lengthy phone call in June where I finally had gotten hold of him, I hadn't heard from him since. And since my organizer completely died a couple of months ago, I lost all of my contact information for anyone who hadn't sent it to me via e-mail. Which meant that BossGuy's info has been gone all this time. Before he left for the evening I got his phone number, so hopefully I'll get the rest of his info soon.

So, back to the title - I'd had four drinks in the space of three hours and was barely feeling a buzz. And this was after barely eating all day due to, well, not feeling up to eating. Okay, I called in sick to work, which was the absolute truth - I was sick. And I did need the rest, which is why I slept until after noon, then showered, dressed nicely and bussed my way out to meet Sarriah. Anywho, by the end of the evening I thought back to the Wednesday evening a couple of weeks ago in Tennessee, where after dinner a group of us ventured out of the dry county we were staying in and found a club/bar where we drank all night long and I barely got a buzz all night. On that night I was sick with a cold, too, though I had eaten more that night. It was then that I realized I can drink a fair amount of alcohol when struck down with a cold and not really feel it, outside of a wee bit of nauseousness.

I imparted this observation to Sarriah last night, who said, "That makes sense - your body chemistry is off." And it's true. Since she has seen me pretty drunk in the past, she probably could tell the difference.

I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not, though. However, it doesn't make my singing voice overcome its current stripped sound as I butchered Secret Agent Man during an ill-advised kareoke moment (I sang it so much better in Vegas a few years ago). Nor did my non-tipsyness make it any easier to sleep when I'm sick, which is unfortunate. I just hope that my coughing fits while I tried to sleep on Sarriah's sofabed in didn't wake her up.

Maybe I should have had a few more drinks after all...

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