Thursday, December 16, 2004

top five reasons i will never be considered hip... 

5. I hate most modern slang. This may come as a shock to some people, because I do tend to speak in a very conversational, somewhat Valley Girl-esque, Buffy sort of way, but so many of the slang words and phrases that have made the rounds over the last decade or so are just grating to my ears. Thusly, nothing in my world will ever be "hella cool". I have never been "jiggy wit' it". No one has ever "Fo'shizzled my nizzle," and I'm pretty sure I won't, "Drop it like it's hot." Okay, that one actually makes sense to me, so maybe once in a while I will do a little dropping. Maybe. Occasionally something will be "wicked awesome", but only occasionally. I have never told someone to, "Talk to the hand," or that they were, "All that and a bag of chips". However, I have been known to say, "Talk to the pinkie, 'cause you ain't worth the hand," or "Hon, you ain't even a bag of chips," but this doesn't make me hip. This makes me contrarian.

4. I think women wearing spiked heels are just asking for an ankle twisting. Yes, until recently I was guilty of wearing 3" heels - or higher - on a regular basis. But my heels were always pretty solid. Sometimes even chunky. Hip? No. Attractive yet almost practical? You betcha. And those shoes with the itty-bitty spiked heels? All manners of ugly.

3. I think capris are both stupid and ugly. That link says it all.

2. I don't recognize most of "today's hot young actors". It's only by reading sites such as Go Fug Yourself that I even know who Mischa Barton is. Not that my world is richer for the knowing, but at least I can laugh at her clothes.

And the top reason I will never be considered hip:

1. I'm me. Trust me, just by being the person that I am - Star Trek loving, Sherlock Holmes adoring, Paris Hilton hating, WB eschewing Carol - I've ensured that I will never hold a place in the Hip Hall of Fame, even though some of my trendier clothes might put me in the Dresses Too Young For Her Age Hall of Shame. You know what, though? That is perfectly alright with me. I've been an unhip geekish type person my entire life. It works for me.

Being unhip? It's cool. In fact, it's all good...

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