Monday, December 13, 2004

just a busy lil' bee... 

On Friday I actually wrote out an entry about the upcoming weekend and seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 Thursday night, but my wonky work computer froze up and ate it before I could post. Since I had only about five minutes until I had to leave, since I was busy Friday night, I decided to just leave it be. And I was pretty busy the rest of the weekend, so, as you no doubt noticed, no weekend posting.

The screening on Thursday night was pretty interesting. Turns out it was a BAFTA screening, of which I was unaware. Ther reason I was able to get in via Sarriah is because the movie was distributed by my former workplace, where Sarriah still works. Very cool. Especially with all of those lovely British accents surrounding me. Oh, how I adore British accents. Must be the Anglophile in me.

Once more I found Fahrenheit 9/11 moving, infuriating, depressing and motivating. I wept and clenched and again found myself burning with a cold anger at the actions of the administration. Though I still think that Michael Moore was reaching with some of his conclusions, there was - and is - no disputing the facts presented. Mainly because many of the documents from which Moore received his facts were shown onscreen and most of which are available to everyday citizens through the Freedom of Information Act. At least until Bush and Cronies decide that releasing such information would "endanger national security".

The Q & A session following the screening was also very fascinating. Far from being outrageous for the sake of being outrageous, Michael Moore was actually a bit reserved, self-deprecating and soft-spoken, except when talking about subjects that passionately moved him, such as corruption and injustice. You can love him or hate him - and there's no denying he plays the gadfly quite well - but there's also no denying that, despite his apparent need to be in the spotlight, he's really not in it for just the publicity. He makes films about subjects he feels needs to be addressed and brought to the public and happens to be damned good at it. I completely respect that.

In relation to the above, check out this at Magnum P.I.'s Journal. I've never voted for a People's Choice award, but in this case I will do so. I think it's time to send a message and maybe this will do it.

(BTW, if'n ya want to keep up on political news, Magnum P.I. is a good place to go. He's much better at that than I am. A nice mix of politics and personal, is the man of the queso.)

As for the weekend? Friday night was spent baby-sitting for ModelGirl and her hubby. MGSon was a complete doll to sit for, good-natured and sweet and just a beautiful little baby. Like any baby he was a little fussy a couple of times, but not for long. I was at Disneyland for the majority of Saturday, spending it with RockerChick and friends for RockerChick's annual Disneyland birthday celebration. There were six of us this time, and I did have fun, thought there were more than a couple of moments where I flashed back to last year. Understandable, since I hadn't been there since last year and it was a such a bittersweet visit for me.

And no, still no contact with CuteNerdBoy. This time of year is emotion fraught enough. Not sure I'm ready to throw more emotions into mix. I will contact him again. When I'm ready.

And Sunday? Lots and lots of holiday shopping. So much so that my arms and feet were killing me when I got home. It was all I could do to put down my purhases and crawl to my sofa. Let me tell ya: that stuff's heavy when you're bussing and walking around town.

So, yeah, a busy weekend to be sure. And this week also promises to be pretty busy, what with more shopping, a little baking, getting work presents ready for the team meeting on Wednesday, Sarriah's company party on Friday and a poker game at Jim's on Saturday night.

The game should be full of fun and fascination. Not only will I be meeting Jim and his girlfriend for the first time, but before last week I knew how to play only five card draw and seven card stud (my high school geometry teacher taught me seven card stud). However I haven't played either for years. Nor have I ever played poker for money. But last week TheFirst was sweet enough to sit with me on the phone as we watched the World Poker Tour for an hour and teach me the finer points of Texas Hold 'Em. So while I'll probably lose my money fairly quickly, I may have just stretched out the painful process by a few more hands. Whee!

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