Sunday, October 17, 2004

bloggers in flesh and blood... 

I tried to write this Thursday night, but my brain, she was gone. Complex words such as "the" and "a" eluded my usually nimble brain. This should remind me that when the sleep is little, so is the smarts.

Since then, a busy Friday off led to a complete lack of energy the rest of the weekend. But it is long past time to relate my account of this momentous meeting of bloggers. Okay, if you want to be technical about it, of the five assembled, three were bloggers, one an online journaler and one an innocent bystander. But that made it no less momentous. At last I can tell the tale.

Last Sunday, whilst hosting the charming Mr. Amaya he mentioned that Madame Atkins (aka my lovely quiz pusher Beth - he had stopped by there before heading over to my humble abode) had suggested that she, her most funny husband Chuck, Steve, Steve's beautiful wife Viv and myself get together for dinner at some point. I thought it sounded like a swell idea, so I heartily concurred, as I wrote Beth later in the evening.

The evening, place and time were agreed to in fairly short order: Thursday at a yummy Mexican restaurant in Burbank, mere blocks from my former workplace. I daresay I didn't make the best initial impression as I ended up arriving a bit late due to needing to finish sales reports and buses stuck in rush hour traffic. However, I did endeavor to keep Steve updated on my progress via payphones and I did end up arriving earlier than I anticipated.

Of course Steve was familiar to me and he was facing the door in the back room of the place, so I spotted him first, but meeting Beth, Chuck and Viv was all I thought it would be. I felt a little nervous at first, mainly because I'd been either reading them or reading about them for so long. It felt like I was meeting celebrities. But, much like Steve on our first phone conversation and meeting, they quickly dispelled that feeling, making me feel comfortable. Indeed, the only reason I was as quiet as I was that evening was because 1) I'm usually quiet in groups when I'm not the organizer - my shy observer coming to fore - and 2) I was starting to feel my lack of sleep creep up on me.

Several hours of excellent food, laughter and conversation about this and that and the other followed. Finally we parted company with hugs and "Great to meet you!" all around, with the generous Viv proposing they drop me off at my nearby apartment, which Steve proceeded to do.

It was a fun night. I'd like get together with them again, if they'll have me. Maybe I'll be a little more lively next time.

Or maybe I'll just have a martini next time...

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