Monday, July 19, 2004



I'm in a quizzy kinda mood, but this time let's go for something a little less wholesome:

You've Got Good Sex Manners
Your mother taught you well - and it shows in the bedroom
You've got the class and tact to deal with any weird situation
You know how to smooth things over and get back to the good stuff
A together, smart lover like you is everyone's dream!
How Are Your Bedroom Manners?
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Your Sexual Personality: Sensualist
For you to enjoy sex, it's got to feel, smell, look, sound, and taste right
You're all about ultimate sensual experiences - from bubble baths together to feeding each other
You're up for some kinky stuff, but only if it feels right to you.
You tend be a hedonist in the bedroom, taking all night to savor each sexual moment.
Your sexual power position is missionary. You like to feel every inch of your partner's body.
Sometimes, you'll flip over for rear entry, but you'll still be laying on top of one another.
What's Your Sexual Personality?
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What's Your Sexual Battle Cry?
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Yeah, that's about right. Granted, I think it's gonna be a while before I can verify these results, since, no matter how horny I may get (which is actually - TMI Alert!! - riduculously so right now), I'm not gonna be in the mood for casual sex for the forseeable future, especially with a stranger (as I discovered last night). So content myself with silly quizzes and Clean Sheets and other outlets I shall.


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