Sunday, July 18, 2004

no thanks... 

Last night was BabySis' bachlorette party. I don't want to detail the night, because what's there to say about nine women out and about on the Universal CitiWalk on a crazy-busy Saturday night? Besides, we all signed an oath: what happens at the bachlorette party stays at the bachlorette party. And the first rule of Bachlorette Party is --

Wait, what bachlorette party?

I did learn (or re-learn) a few things last night:

1) I'm not a fan of the bar/club scene unless I can dance. And we didn't go anywhere that involved dancing, unfortunately.

2) Flirting with the doorman can score a few things. We got in free because it was my sister's bachlorette party, and BabySis is pretty hot (I'm gorgeous and sexy and all, but she's got the type of body most men drool over), but I did flirt with the rather cute doorman in my slightly tipsy state and came away with a bunch of VIP passes (though I have to say, I had no idea he was going to do that - I was just flirting to flirt). Of course I'll pass them around to the others that live locally, but with me living closest, I am the most likely to use it.

3) I really am not attracted to men with big muscles. There was a guy that hung out with us all night. He was drunk and hoping to get laid. As a consequence he flirted with each and every one of us, but as apparently the only single girl in the group (though I have a feeling that if any of the women wanted to go home with him, no matter their relationship status, he would have had no qualms), he did focus on me quite a bit. Which was flattering and all, since his looks are the type most women would go for but, well, he was more than a bit of a jerk. And I had to take him down a peg for the way he talked to one of BabySis' friends. When he asked me why I had to show him up like that, I responded that A) because I felt like it and B) he talks shit to my friends, he gets what he deserves (no, I don't remember what I said).

At any rate, at one point for some reason I lightly placed my hand on his bicep and thought, "Wow, one side of his bicep is nearly as big as my entire hand. That's actually rather unappealing. Huh." Now, I've never been into muscly men, but last night reinforced it.

I have to admit, while he didn't have a chance in hell with me, I did lead him on a little. I wouldn't normally do that, because as a rule I think it sucks when I see other women do that, but I was still smarting over CuteNerdBoy (didn't help that the last time I was at CitiWalk was with him a few weeks ago - okay, time to stop talking about him - well, soon) and well, the guy was an arrogant asshole. There were pegs he had to be knocked down. So I flirted, I challenged, I somehow got out of it a veggie burger, a drink and a little bit of a shoulder massage - which I admit I demanded - and then provided no follow up. By the end of the night I felt a little sorry for the guy, but by that time BabySis was feeling the effects of way too much alcohol (strangers were buying her drinks to congratulate her), so we had to leave anyway. So sorry, bye bye.

Okay, not my brightest, shiniest moment there but I'm not perfect. And I also learned that, much as I enjoy flirting, I actually don't enjoy flirting with men I have no intention of spending any time with. The doorman - that was different. He expects that sort of thing and we both knew nothing was going any further there. But AssholeGuy - not really all that fun. And not something I'll be doing again.

Who knew bachlorette parties could be so educational?

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