Friday, February 16, 2007

tripping to and fro... 

...Tucson, that is.

Last weekend HSTeacher and I drove to Tucson for an overnight stay so that we could attend the naming ceremony for BestFriend's new baby girl. It was a long drive, to be sure, and I admit to a bit of trepidation, as road trips are notorious for bringing out the worst in people. Thankfully my fears (and, I found out later, HSTeacher's) were unfounded, as the outing went well. Doesn't mean there weren't moments of tense to be had. But we weathered those moments well and realized, yeah, we still like and love each other. In the end, it was all good. Plus, though HSTeacher has not yet met my family - what with most of them being flung all over the damn place - he did meet BestFriend and her family, including her parents and sister. The only people I've known longer than them are my own family, and they've long been another family to me. And BestFriend approves of HSTeacher, which is always of the good.

And now for some photos from the weekend:

Saturday was cloudy and threatened to rain, but luckily the rain stayed away.

I have a love of taking pictures of landscapes and clouds, so the nature obliged me by combining both in one easy to take picture.

We shared the driving duties heading out of town (HSTeacher was the primary driver heading home). Here HSTeacher has his turn at the wheel.

And what to I do when I get behind the wheel? Endanger our lives by taking pictures. Thing is, I only looked away for one second to frame this shot. Not bad, huh?

As the clouds rolled in, threatening us with rain, the sky took on a surreal quality.

I have pictures from visitng BestFriend, and from the wonderful ceremony, but I haven't gotten permission to publish them, so they won't go up here. However, just as we were leaving, we got BFSis to take this picture:

And as we left BestFriend's house, the Tucson sunset greeted us:

After a long drive, we saw Downtown Los Angeles welcoming us home:

(Okay, that was actually me taking the picture the next day as I was driving home from HSTeacher's place - we had rented a car for the weekend. But is still makes a good timeline, doesn't it?)

A good weekend, all told. I'm very happy we did it.

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