Friday, December 01, 2006

rewind last weekend... 

...let it begin again.

This past week has been absurdly busy (hence no updates), but last weekend? Wonderful.

A quick recap: Thanksgiving Day was good. The sweet potatoes were a big hit, though I changed the recipe a bit: after doing everything that was called for, the syrup was still not absorbed, so into the oven it went for 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees. Perfect! One of ModelGirl's guests didn't even like sweet potatoes until she tried mine. And she loved it. Oh, and the pan fried tofu with peanut sauce? Quite yummy, though I changed up the recipe a bit and used Trader Joes breadcrumbs instead of cornmeal. I seasoned the breadcrumbs myself, tripled the peanut sauce and fried the tofu in big slices instead of cubes. Came out quite well.

HSTeacher and I helped ModelGirl as well, with HSTeacher doing splendid work on the turkey (according to everyone else - naturally I didn't have any, but for a dead fowl carcass it looked pretty good) and me rocking the vegetarian version of ModelGirl's sausage stuffing.

However, HSTeacher, having never eaten my cooking, joked (I think) that he doubted my claims of being a good cook were true. Once he saw me chopping and spearing veggies for the dressing with wild abandon, he was moved to photograph my efforts for eternity:

Not only can I cut and spear, but I can stir dressing in a pan too!

BTW, I've resolved never to be photographed with my hair up again. Definitely a bad hair day for me. Good boob day, but bad hair day.

And the rest of the weekend was great, too. A lovely holistic couples' massage on Friday for us, Saturday spent not doing much of anything except spending time with each other, and Sunday...

Sunday I was invited to a post-Thanksgiving dinner by HSTeacher's mother. Yep. I done did met the mom. And most of the HSTeacher family that lives in the area. Which is most of the family. Oy vey.

It went well. As is my usual modus operandi in group situations, especially groups of people I don't know, I was fairly quiet, but I did talk a bit and crack a few jokes, none of which seemed to make anyone cringe. I liked them well enough, talking with his sister more than anyone. And good food was had. HSTeacher told me later that night that he was very comfortable with me meeting his family. Naturally that pleased me immensely.

All told, it was a lovely weekend. Again, another milestone was passed and there was a minimum of stumbling. Not only that, it was the longest time we've spent together thus far and we enjoyed each other's company beyond all reasoning. There is no doubt that HSTeacher is just the perfect guy for me.

Excuse me, but I have go and do some sighing and clasping of hands to bosom in rapture...


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