Tuesday, December 12, 2006

flames on the side of my face, breathing, breath... 

Christopher Hitchens is an ass.

I know this comes as no surprise to a number of y'all, but this time he has truly surpassed himself. Why? Because in the January 2007 Vanity Fair he deigns to explain to us, "Why Women Aren't Funny."

Granted, the name of the column is, "Provocation." It is expected that what is written there is likely to raise more than a few hackles.

But this bilge? Please, girlfriend.

It's not just that the premise from which Hitchens works is a faulty and patently disprovable one: in Hitchens' world, while he admits there are many witty women, he goes on to imply that witty and funny are not related to one another. Which begs the question: why do both make people laugh?

It's also that the "logic" which he uses is tenuous at best and laughable (hee?) at worst. It took me three tries to slog through the piece of crap he tries to pass off as insight into womens' humor centers. I still don't understand it. I think my brain automatically shuts off when presented with faulty "logic," in an effort keep me from going all Nomad and self-destructing.

Hitchens can bite my shiny white ass.

(Hey, it ain't exactly wit, but he don't deserve my wit.)

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