Monday, October 23, 2006

what now? 

So on Friday I was plugging along at work, just minding my own business, when BigBoss (who had been out Monday through Thursday, as well as all the previous week) called me into his office. I had an inkling that something was up, as I had seen a series of people file into and out of his office that normally don't show up in that area.

I went into his office, closed the door and sat at the table, joining him and our program office's administrative manager. He faced me and, as is his nature, he got straight to the point (that's one of the things I like about him):

"Carol, starting Monday we're going to have to move you to another desk for two weeks."

I think I just stared at him, my eyebrows raising, then I looked at AdministrativeManager. She smiled slightly.

He continued. "After that, we may not have anything for you for two weeks, but we'll try to bring you back. I promise."

He swore up and down that it had nothing to do with me, but he couldn't tell me what was happening - I had a feeling that his hands were legally tied about something. I just absorbed the information the two of them were telling me. But he wasn't happy about the latest developments, as he told me outright that I was the best secretary he'd ever had. My face must have betrayed my disbelief. I don't think I'm a bad secretary, but I don't think I'm that fantastic - though when I told HSTeacher this on Friday evening told me to stop with the overanalyzing and just accept the compliment. But when BigBoss saw the expression on my face, he said, "No really. I'm not exaggerating."

I was also asked to remove all evidence of my presence at the desk, which took a few hours. My cubemate - who had proceeded me in BigBoss' office, looked distinctly unhappy when I exited and started the Evidence Eradication process - I could tell that they gave her more info than they gave me.

I have since learned why things were so rushed and why the specifics of my existence at that desk needed to be erased. I can't give details here, but it is completely understandable. And the fact that another secretary went on vacation in another program office was a bit of serendipity. BigBoss and others are working hard to keep me around the lab, which is very much appreciated. I just hope that things work out - I really liked working where I was working and I'd hate to not be able to go back.

But, as Boychik said when I gave him the news, the fact that I have someone of BigBoss' level here pulling for me so completely will mean that, even if I can't go back to work for him, he will do what he can to make sure that something is found for me. I think that I am going to land on my feet here.

I just hate the sensation of falling in the meantime.


As always, the weekend was good. Spent it with HSTeacher and had a great time. Dinner with the man on Friday night, dogwalking and coffee drinking and puttering around his place on Saturday, with him cleaning and doing laundry while worked on political website stuff for a few hours. I loved that part - it was so domestic. The few domestic cells in my body reveled in it. Then Saturday night the two of us went to a dinner party thrown by ModelGirl and her hubby (they are almost as in love with HSTeacher as I am) and stayed until almost 5am on Sunday.

We slept in super late on Sunday - well, he did. My phone rang and woke me up after about three hours of sleep, but didn't disturb him a bit. I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I just cuddled up to him until he woke up three hours later. It's so nice to have someone to cuddle up to again. And cuddling with HSTeacher is a very excellent thing.

When we finally left bed on Sunday we had breakfast, hung out with a friend of his, napped a little, then we rode on his Harley along the coast a bit and took pictures of us at the coast. It was all very nice.

It wasn't perfect - we discovered a point of contention between us that had been mentioned before, but hadn't really been addressed. But we talked about it calmly, let each other know about our feelings and thoughts in the matter, and came to an understanding. It was a very good thing.


BTW, check out these pictures:

Getting a little windy near the Pacific...

That's my sweetie! He's so cute. I love his smile.

Okay, fine, we make a cute couple. Tell me something I don't know...

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