Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the fate of worlds... 

One never knows what an IM conversation will yield. It may inadvertently place the fate of innocent planets in the hands of madmen. Or bored office workers:

me: How're ya holding up?
jim.etchison: Good!
jim.etchison: PM Hey, did you read my friend's idea about submitting a bill where the FCC would mandate that no news programs be subject to ratings?
me: I did read that, actually, I think that would be an excellent idea. I wonder if the Congress as it's currently forned would go for it, though. Hopefully Dems will take at least one (if not both) the House and Senate in a few weeks. *crosses fingers* Then it might have a chance at passing.
jim.etchison: So how do I write a bill and pass it through congress? LOL
me: Hee! Good luck with that! Got any congress folks you can blackmail? That'll be a good start.
jim.etchison: ROFL
me: I work at a place that is one of top technological institutions in the world. You think they'd get the air conditioning/heating working.
jim.etchison: which institution is that?
jim.etchison: Oh yeah, JPL
me: Unfortunately I think they're using something that was considered space-age back in the 60s. Maybe even the 70s.
me: Damned non-profits.
jim.etchison: But still. You work with Mars and shit.
me: Dude, Mars rawks! I still miss Pluto, though. My poor, poor Pluto...
jim.etchison: Take heart. Pluto won't know of its status change for 3 or 4 Pluto-years.
jim.etchison: He's happily orbiting our sun thinking he's a planet.
me: Yabbut, it's still wrong.
me: But what about all those poor Scorpios? They've lost their ruling planet!
jim.etchison: OMG! I totally never thought about that!
me: See? I mean, when's your b-day?
jim.etchison: Jan 14
jim.etchison: I'm a Capricorn, but all my planets are in Uranus.
jim.etchison: heh
me: Capricorn! Rawk on!
me: Hardee har har.
me: BTW, my new BF? Also a Cap - Jan 11.
me: My dear friend [MusicianMan](whom you met at my b-day party last year) - also a Cap at Jan 12.
jim.etchison: WooHoo! we rock
me: Imagine if they said Saturn was no longer a planet. Wouldn't you feel unrooted?
me: At least no one's gonna touch my Venus...
me: Wait, that came out wrong.
jim.etchison: heheh
jim.etchison: My planet is Saturn?
me: Yep! You're saturnine.
jim.etchison: But wait ... there are 12 zodiacal symbols. Do I share Saturn with any non-Capricorns?
me: Nope, Capricorns get Saturn all to themselves.
me: The sun and moon are also included. Sun=Leo and Moon=Cancer.
jim.etchison: And we have the prettiest planet.
jim.etchison: That's still only 11
jim.etchison: Is the earth one?
me: Nu'uh! Venus is way prettier.
me: I can't remember - hang on...
me: It looks like Mercury does double duty, which I didn't realize: Gemini and Virgo. That surprises me.
me: That's right - Earth wouldn't be a ruling planet because we're born on Earth - it's not in the heavens/starscape when we're born.
jim.etchison: If the universe were a corporation, it would assign all the Scorpios to Mercury as well.
me: Poor Mercury is overloaded as it is! Which is why you're right.
jim.etchison: Mercury is obviously the planet that is "picked on." Can you imagine if Pluto had had two zodiacal groups to care for?
me: It's just a teeny planet - it couldn't have taken it. Now, Jupiter - there's a plant that can take on multiple signs.
me: Check this out: http://www.astrology-numerology.com/symbols.html
jim.etchison:Anyway, taking on a 3rd group would represent only a 33% increase in duties. For any other planet, it would be a 50% increase, so obviously that would have the lowest impact.
jim.etchison: I smell a blog posting.
me: For you or me? Because I was thinking about posting this lil' chat, if you don't mind...
jim.etchison: Whaaaa!
me: What?
jim.etchison: OK, you can have it.
jim.etchison: I had already started writing the e-mail from the universe to Mercury. LOL
me: You can write that and post it and I'll be lazy and post this chat and link to your email!
jim.etchison: heheh
jim.etchison: deal
me: We're playing with the futures of planets, ya know...
me: But I'm sure Mercury will thank you.
jim.etchison: we'll see. LOL
jim.etchison: Oh but wait
jim.etchison: didn't we inherit a new planet?
me: Nope, don't think so.
me: Xena (aka UB 133 - I think) is in the same classification as Pluto.
me: BTW, you Caps? Big ol' thumbs up from me.
jim.etchison: Capricorns are the best ... and I have the added complication of (honestly) having ALL my planets in the opposite part of the universe, which gives me an extremely high-level viewpoint, but able to be extremely balanced.
me: Well, I don't know about the best (we Taureans rock the hizzouse, baby), but y'all are cool.
jim.etchison:I should be the freaking president.
me: Go for it!
me: See, I tend to be pretty balanced as well. I used to think my rising sign was Libra, because I can usually see both sides to the majority of issues, but I found out that I have four planets in earth signs, four in water, one in air and one in fire. So basically I'm mud, but I'm very balanced mud. And my rising sign is Virgo.
me: Well, gotta be going now - have an excellent evening!
jim.etchison: posted


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