Friday, October 20, 2006

debra bowen: she does an electorate good... 

*pulls out the political soapbox, steps up confidently*

I don't do a heck of a lot of political posts on here anymore, since that jones is satisfied by the SoCal Grassroots blog. However, SoCal Grassroots is a Political Action Committee and since the subject of my post involves another Political Action Committee, I thought I'd bring this over here, as posting over there could be construed to be one PAC attempting to influence another. Such a thing is considered bad form and I have no desire to do anything that would reflect badly on my beloved SoCal Grassroots.

Here in California, we have a wonderful woman running for Secretary of State: State Senator Debra Bowen. The first time I met her was at the 2005 California Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles. Though I didn't say more than two words to her, I was very impressed by her bearing and her stand on many electoral issues facing Californians. I met her again at a Democratic awards brunch some months later, where she happened to sit next to me. We chatted for about fifteen minutes or so, then she had to leave. Again, her command of the purview of Secretary of State was all-encompassing.

I have since met Debra several times, including when she came to speak to the SCG Endorsement Committee. There is no candidate more perfect for her chosen seat than Debra Bowen for California Secretary of State. Damn near every bill that she has written, co-written, sponsored, or had any thing to do with has been in service to governmental transparency, election reform and consumer rights, as well as protecting the environment. Debra was the first State-wide official to post her voting record on the internet.

Debra is currently ahead in the polls, but by a very slim margin. Unfortunately her opponent, current Secretary of State Bruce McPherson (a Republican who was appointed to the office by Schwarzenegger when the previous SoS - Democrat Kevin Shelley - was pushed out of the job under suspicious circumstances) has more name recognition, if only because his name is the one that appears on all official election materials.

McPherson hasn't been an awful SoS, but he's allowed Diebold, as well as various county registrars, to run right over him, in an effort to make his job - and theirs - easier, without taking into account that making things convenient isn't always in the best interest of the electorate. McPherson simply isn't up to the job.

Bowen realizes that democracy isn't easy and it isn't convenient - that it's something to work for and fight for - and she is more than willing to fight for it every step of the way.

And now I come to the point of this entry. Russ Feingold and his Progressive Patriots Fund are looking to give $5,000 to a candidate for Secretary of State and Debra Bowen is first and foremost on the list. I urge everyone to please vote for Debra Bowen. She needs every bit of money she can get to pull this race off.

Do it for Debra, man. Do it for California.

*steps down from soapbox, tucks it under the sofa*

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