Thursday, September 07, 2006

um, ow? 

No, seriously. Ow!

I told my boss that I was going to step down to the cafeteria to grab some soup really quick, before they took away the food.

Little did I know that, when ladeling the soup into a to-go cup, my right hand deceided that I needed to literally, "grab some soup." So it moved the left, just the tiniest bit, and poured a small amount on my left thumb.

While yummy, it was pretty damned hot. An hour later and it's still pink, the nerves in my thumb still telling me, "That was fucking stupid. Time to get new glasses. Bitch."

(My left thumb is a very angry digit. You should hear what calls me when I accidently bend back my thumbnail halfway down. 'Taint fit for saints nor sailors.)

Think it'll look strange if I walk around lab sucking on my thumb?

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