Friday, September 01, 2006

so, here's the question... 

Yeah, I'm working at JPL. Yeah, my little science groupie heart is damned near bursting. BlahBlahBiddyBlah.

I'm up in Astrophysics--

Little sidetrip: first time MusicianMan called me at work to go over a flier we're working on since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I answered, as I always do, "Astrophysics, Carol speaking."

His answer: "Astro-fucking-physics. That's so cool." There's something very satisfying about people you respect thinking what you do is cool. Especially since anyone who is talented and works with music is the epitome of cool in my book.

Now whenever he calls, he replies, "Hi, Astrophysics, Metaphysics here." Trust me, if you knew his views on Metaphysics, you'd find it humorous too.

I digress.

So, I sit at my desk, or walk around the building, and am faced by all these exceedingly cool canvases of galaxies and star systems and astronomy-type images from Spitzer and the Hubble and such.

I mean, this is the sort of thing I see when I look up from my computer:

So my question is, will I ever tire of such artwork?

G-d, I hope not...

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