Wednesday, September 06, 2006

pass or fail... 

This past weekend was, for those of us in the US, Labor Day Weekend. One of several weekends celebrated by taking three days off instead of two, shopping sales, eating BBQ and, for students and teachers, realizing the art of sleeping in they've cultivated for the last three months is going to come to a sharp and painful end all too soon.

(Parents, on the other hand, tend to be happy about this new development. Kids! In school! Whee! Unless, that is, the parent is a teacher. In which case, well, just ask my newly minted boyfriend about that...)

(Oh, yeah, and there's that whole, "Acknowledging the folks who have labored to make this country great," thing, which, apparently, is best celebrated by the aforementioned sales, BBQ, etc.)

Anywho, while I did not particpate in the charring of dead animal carcass over burning minerals, nor did I wrestle other women to the ground and yank clearly inferior merchandise from their greedy, yet well-maincured hands because, look! A sale! I did keep myself pretty darned busy during the weekend. Because I took a test, you see, as did HSTeacher.

Test? Why? Tell us more!

Hang on, I will. Patience, I ask of you.

Originally we weren't planning on taking a test. We were going to try to spend some time together, but he was planning on spending most of the weekend with his kids, understandably.

Until Thursday his ex called and said she was taking the kids away for the weekend.

What? An entire weekend had suddenly opened up for the two of us. So guess what we did?

Now, now, get your minds out of the gutter. Not that you're wrong, mind you...

Anyway, he picked me up from work Friday night, we had dinner, hung out in Old Town Pasadena for a little while, then headed out to the South Bay, where we had hot wild monkey sex.

Oddly enough, feeling marginally bad about the interrupted sleep of HSTeacher's neighbors wasn't all the weekend held in store for us. And this is where the test came in.

We were together for pretty close to 48 hours - the first time we'd spent that much time together. The test lie in whether we could spend time together without borining one another or wondering if throwing a live electrical wire in the shower was a viable alternative.

Guess what? We could. And we did.

It wasn't just about that sex (although - hello! Very, very nice!). We actually spent more time just hanging out, going out for breakfast and dinner, walking the dog, sleeping in, playing on his Mac and iBook, and just talking. Lots of talking.

Yep, there was a test on this holiday weekend. I'd say we both passed with flying colors. We both deserve gold stars. And I know where I'd like to put his...


BTW, the reason we spent so much time on his computers? Was because of these:

So very pretty, aren't they?

HSTeacher decided we needed new iPods, as his was dying and, well, I had never had one and he hated the thought of me carrying my bulky and heavy CD player and CDs on the bus all the time.

I wasn't sure about it, and kind thought a long time about it. We discussed it and I, well, let him buy me this gift. It had been one of my wants for a very long time, and it came in black, which I far prefer over white, so, yeah. I got me a Nano now.

So cool. I'm still stunned. Huh.

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