Monday, September 11, 2006

five years... 

Red/White/Blue=the country I love - the United States of America;
Black=mourning for all who have died in the events of 9/11/01 and have died in the ensuing conflicts.

Within a week after the horrible events of 9/11, I made myself a ribbon that I wore for several weeks afterwards and on every anniversary since, using a red/white/blue ribbon and a black ribbon. When I wasn't wearing it the ribbon resided on a Christmas wall hanging that I left up in my hallway year-round: an angel with wooden block letters spelling "PEACE" vertically underneath.

Unfortunately, the move has me still somewhat scattered in regards to my possessions - there are still a few things I haven't unpacked, so I'm never sure as to which objects are in a box at home and which have been relegated to the storage unit.

Such is the case with the angel and the ribbon. I'm positive that it's at home, but I haven't had time to do a serious search. So instead I offer the above graphic in its stead.

I lost no one in the Twin Towers, in the Pentagon or in Flight 93. I've lost no loved ones in Afghanistan or Iraq. New York City is not my hometown - I've never even been to NYC, though I have many friends who claim it as home.

And yet I still feel a sense of loss. Much like many Americans, I suspect I always will. Both for those lost on that horrific day and for those who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. And I feel loss for the moral fiber of the United States, thanks to an administration who has done more to politicize this tragedy and polarize Americans, as well as media outlets, elected officials and ordinary people who have allowed the hijacking of the American Spirit by Bush and his Cabal.

The moral fiber of the United States has never been pure as the driven snow. But until 2002 it had been strong. Let's not allow the Bush Administration continue to use the deaths of thousands of Americans as an election year cudgel.

Let's truly honor the victims and their families.

Three years ago.

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