Tuesday, August 01, 2006

um, update much? 

Apparently not. Sheesh. I gotta get back into writing about the silly minutae of my life. Some day.

So here's my monthly update!

The prospective web work from home never materialized despite my repeated efforts to make it so. And since I was considered an independent contractor with the congressional campaign, I was considred ineligible for unemployment. Ouch. So, in the interests of paying my bills and not having IrishWriter kick me out (or at least get really, really angry with me) from my inability to drag in an income (no matter how kicking and screaming it might be), I decided it was time to look for a job.

So I updated my Monster resume, contacted the staffing agency that deals with JPL, and did some serious job hunting. I got one bite at Netflix for web database maintenance, but apparently my interview with them was rather underwhelming, because I didn't hear a thing.

But that's okay, because it served as a practice interview. Later I received an email out of the blue from a staffing agency for what promised to be a wen content specialist. Whee!


It was for an insurance company. The kind that insures landlords and business and handles malpractice.

Long ago I swore I would never work for insurance, because I knew the atmosphere would be stullifying. Here I had an opportunity to do work related to web sites, but it would be for an industry that would kill what little soul I had left (oddly enough, I've not found entertainment or politics soul-killing - there's something very wrong with that...). I decided to go on the interview after all. More practice, right?

So I went and they loved me and I went back again and they still loved me. The money would be okay, but the web work wouldn't be until "sometime down the line" - I'd be involved in insurance document creation.

Shoot me now, I thought. But I had no other serious prospects and I was desparate. So when the staffing agency asked me to come in for software testing, I agreed. Except I couldn't come in when they wanted, which was immediately, as I wasn't feeling well. So the position went to someone else.

Enter JPL, with its glowing halo and mechanized wings. I ended up interviewing for three different temp positions and guess what? I landed two. They're in the same section, so when I finish my current temp position in the middle of August, I'll be moving over to the other, where I'll be until at least October.

I have to say, there are very few places I would willingly be a secretary again. JPL is at the top of the short list. And this time I'm working in Astronomy and Physics and making a little more than I was last time.

I'm a pleased little pup.

I've also spoken at a Board of Supervisors meeting for California Election Protection Network, after being asked personally by Mimi Kennedy (she called my cell when I was out leafleting parking lots with WriterDiva). Ok, it was for the day after Independence Day, so the folks who usually speak at these things were unavailable, but it was still cool to be asked. And since I was available (this was before I turned into Job Interview Girl for two solid weeks), I said sure.

I have to admit, though I had no time to prepare, I had a few minutes at the start of the meeting to write out a few thoughts. And when someone else who was supposed to speak didn't show up (it was going to be three of us, but only two made it), I asked to speak on the other woman's behalf (I knew the points she wanted to speak to) and was granted permission, which is unusual as they rarely let anyone speak twice. Thank heavens I was having an eloquent - and relatively non-nervous - day. Those don't happen very often.

I've been dating a lot this year. So many first dates I've almost lost count. I've even had a few second dates. But no third dates.

Until last week. And now I think I can actually say I'm dating someone, as we're making plans for Date Number 5 on Thursday night.


Poor guy - I admit I was a little reluctant at first because, well, physically he didn't quite fall into the sort of man I envision myself with. Not that I think I have to date drop dead gorgeous guys. Matter of fact, there is a wide range of guys I find attractive. But HSTeacher (yes, he teaches computers and web-related stuff at a high school) was outside that usually wide realm, though I have to admit, he is cute. And yet, even though I dug my heels in, I found myself agreeing to go out with him. Again and again.

I had to admit to myself that there is some sort of connection there. We do have a lot in common. And he's quite a good kisser (okay, so maybe we've done a teeny bit more than kissing). So I've decided to hang out and see what happens. He's an interesting guy.

There's still a part of me that is holding back, because of my previous experience with, well, everyone I've dated since 1997. There are way too many singe marks on my heart for me to throw myself into the deep end so early on. But I think it could still be fun.

Even if his hair is longer than mine.

(My hair? Halfway down my back. His? Down to his ass. Gotta say, that's a new one for me...)

And last, but not even close to least, BabySis and her family on currently on their way to Florida. To live.

Yep, the last remaining area family member to whom I'm still speaking has uprooted and moved to Florida.

I understand the reasoning: houses are way less expensive out there, as is much else about living, but she and her husband can still make the same money they made here. They'll be able to afford to give their children everything that might be iffy out here. Plus that's where the in-laws live, so there will still be family nearby.

Doesn't mean I'm happy about it. I helped them pack this weekend - in between birthday parties for their children - and they left Thousand Oaks at 1:45am on Monday morning.

I know I can go to visit. I'm going to make a concerted effort to do so.

But why Florida? Why?

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