Tuesday, August 22, 2006

take a picture... 

...it lasts longer.

Well, I would if I'd remember to start bringing my digital camera with me everywhere - the way I used to. I mean, the reason I bought my current purse is because it's big enough to fit my camera, but not so big that I'd end up stuffing it with all and sundry, thereby causing my doctor (were I to have a regular one) to scream at me for carrying heavy things on my shoulder, further endangering my already screwed-up neck.

(Yes, I still have my camera phone, but the gallery is full and I haven't gotten around to emptying it and besides, when did you turn into my camera monitor, hmmm?)

Anywho, I wish I had my camera today, because I saw something that makes me even happier to be working at JPL: a deer on its hind legs, feeding from a tree, mere feet away from me. I didn't even startle it.

I'm such a city girl that it's still amazing to me to see deer at my place of business. I mean, if I worked at a zoo, I could understand. But an organization dedicated to technological wonders? It still throws me for a loop.

When I was here last year I took pictures of the deer - I just have to remember to keep a camera on me at all times.

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