Wednesday, August 02, 2006

1st myspace entry: support america's next top model writers 

Confession time: I have a MySpace page. And I occasionally watch America's Next Top Model on VH1. I have to confess these so that y'all know the backstory to my first MySpace blog entry, which I'm cross-posting here because folks need our help:
Welcome to my first MySpace blog entry. I write elsewhere to satisfy my writing jones, so I can't say that I'm moved to do a lot of (or any) writing here. But today I want to let y'all know about my new friend: America's Top Model Union.

Despite working long hours on one of the most popular forms of entertainment on TV (which rakes in buttloads of money for producers and networks), writers on reality shows do not fall under the WGA contract. Regardless of your feelings about reality televison,all of the folks who do the day-to-day work of creating them deserve to be compensated accordingly.

Disclosure time: Though I'm not a fan of the majority of reality TV (my feelings are, watching people on TV that I'd want to smack for their stupidity in real life is not entertaining), ANTM has worked its way under my skin, thanks to unending replays on VH1. I mainly love the fashions and the photo shoots - if they could get rid of the rest of it and just boil it down to eleven minutes an episode I'd be a happy girl.

So, yes, I am supporting the folks who have given me at least a little bit of pleasure. But I'd be supporting the writers behind American Idol, though I haven't watched more than fifteen minutes of the show in total, because that's some hard work, my friends.

Besides, one of the writers is Daniel Blau, who contributes to one of my favorite blogs, Pamie.com - Boy needs our support!

So check out their MySpace page and do what you can to help.

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