Thursday, June 22, 2006

can't cast a stone... 

...without hitting a church.

My new neighborhood must be chock-filled with sinners. How else to explain the veritable plethora of churches on its streets?

My street is rather short and the two streets that bookend it lead out to a very busy street. On the corners of those two streets are two churches. Walk less than a quarter of a mile east on this busy street and there lies another church. On yet another nearby street (as in a five minute walk from my place) stands a fourth church. And on a recent stroll within a mile radius of my new home? Two more churches. At least, only two that I saw. I didn't explore all of the side streets.

Either I've landed in the midst of serious G-d-fearin' folks or Jesus really fears for the souls of the residents of Burbank.

Either way, I'm glad that my roomie is as blasphemous as I am. Thank heaven for small miracles.

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