Friday, March 03, 2006

to save the village, we had to destroy the village... 

To save myself, I have to run myself ragged.

I think I've finally discovered why I'm living such a crazy busy life. Because, left to my own devices, I'd be Jabba the Hut.

Today I woke up, listened to the rain pouring outside, and decided that I wasn't going to slog one and half hours through the downpour to West LA for work. So I called up my boss and pretty much said so. Thing is, I knew I could get away with it because on Tuesday, when it was raining like crazy during my evening class, my boss called to offer me a ride home because he hated the thought of me taking the bus home after 10pm in the rain. He doesn't like that I do that even when the weather is good (he's kind of old-school in a lot of ways, most of them the nice old-school ways). Because I wasn't looking forward to it myself, I called him back during my break and agreed.

On the way home he said that, if it were raining like crazy the next day, to not worry about bussing it to the west side, that I could telecommute. Well, it was bright and sunny on Wednesday, so I went in, but today? No way.

So IrishBoss e-mailed me a list of people to call, as well as a couple of other things to work on. Cool. In between the calling, I slept and ate. As in two three hour naps (I've been exhausted all week). I probably would have eaten more than I did were it not for the fact that it's time to go shopping again, so my food supply is getting a little low.

And since I've been TV-less for about a month, I couldn't distract myself with hours of Star Trek on Spike or M*A*S*H on Hallmark (yeah, I know - what's that about?) or yelling at Congressmembers on CSPAN.

(Backstory: My TV - which had been threatening to break for over three years, finally did so at the end of January and, except for the week I was in Fresno, I haven't watched TV since. It's driving me a little batty.)

So yeah, sleeping and eating. I know the cats have been happy I've been around today, what with my frequent getting home after 11pm and all, but if I didn't keep myself super busy, I'd be in a sorry state. As it is, it's just my apartment that's in a sorry state.

Poor, poor apartment...


Apparently I've decided I'm not busy enough, however. Either that or my arm has evolved a mind of its own. Because I somehow keep signing up for additional committees/working groups. For instance, I wasn't intending to be part of SoCal Grassroots' Endorsement Committee, but because my usual rides home from a Meet and Greet were going to the EC meeting, I tagged along for the ride. And ended up as interim secretary. Which means that I really need to recruit someone to be secretary, because there is no way in hell I'm going to be secretary of three committees until March 2007, when the next SoCal Grassroots elections take place.

The latest? I'm helping to plan an Election Protectiom workshop for the California Democratic Party's convention at the end of April. I didn't mean to. Honest. But when the woman who is heading the working group asked if I'd like to be kept in the loop, I found my head inexplicably nodding yes. And found myself attending a planning meeting last night. And watched my hand raise itself when the WG head asked who wanted to help with putting together booklet materials. Then my voice got in on the betrayal act by piping up to help put together a PowerPoint presentation and continued betraying me by agreeing to contact someone to speak during a certain portion of the workshop.

I swear, the entire time my brain was screaming at my various body parts to just stop with the agreeing and voluteering, but apparently I've sprouted an additional mind somewhere that is gradually mounting a coup.

Either that, or this political thing is more of a cult than I realized and I am becoming more deeply indoctrinated than I realized. Y'all just might have to mount an intevention or call the Cult Awareness Network.

Wait, CAN has been taken over by $cientologists. A cult running CAN. So many levels of wrong there.

And now I must go to sleep, as I have a 10am Communications/Strategy meeing, followed by volunteering for a Gore Vidal/Scott Ritter event.

Oh G-d. I am well and truly lost. Tell my family that I love them!

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