Sunday, December 18, 2005

same ol', same ol'... 

So why the hell aren't I writing?

Beats the hell out of me.

That's not true. I know why. When I've had a regular job in the past, I've had no choice but to sit in front of a computer for at least eight hours a day. And since I have the attention span of a gnat at times, I would sometimes take a little downtime to read my regular blogs and update my own.

Now that I don't have to sit in front of a computer for a prescribed time each day? I don't. I'll log on to check my e-mail, make any updates to the political site that need to be made, update the political blog when I have a moment, then busy myself with other business.

I will be starting a new part time job tomorrow, as a publishing assistant for a local Irish newspaper, but while I will work at the computer a bit, I won't be obliged to sit in front of it most of the day. It's cool, though. I'll not only be doing the typical assistant stuff, but I'll also be helping out with layout and storyboard and research and the like. I'm pretty excited about it and my new boss is excited to have me on board. Better yet, I can work my hours around school. And as I've already laid out my classes for the spring semester, everything looks like it will dovetail nicely.

I've enrolled in my winter classes, which start January 3rd. Only two to start with: a physical fitness lab in the morning four times a week (I figure if I take a class I'll be forced to go, or else I'll fail the class) and an Intro to the Web class two evenings a week. Okay, so I'm already pretty web knowledgeable. But the class is needed for the Certificate in Web Design that I'm seeking, so I do kind of need it. Plus the other classes that I need are filled.

Full time school will start in February. And, oy, will it ever be full! But that's cool. I'm ready to get going, finally, and I'm not going to procrastinate any more.

Unfortunately I won't have time in 2006 to also take classes to prepare for a UC/Cal State transfer so that I can study writing, but I will start that in Spring of 2007. Because I don't intend to give that dream up either. I just know that I can use the Web Design education for more immediate cash. I've already had a number of people approach me for web design - imagine what I can get going if I learn all the fancy stuff!

Back to the whole not posting thing, another reason I'm not posting is I realize that pretty much my whole life is the same old thing. Not that I'm doing the same old thing as I've done before. Because that is patently not the truth. I'm entering an exciting phase in my life right now. But it's primarily political stuff that's influencing me and political people that I'm hanging out with. As much as I love it and as exciting as I find it (I'll be part of a delegation meeting with my US Representative on Wednesday, which is cool), I don't know how exciting it is to read about it.

And once 2006 starts, it'll be work and school and politics, without much time for anything else. I'm just not much into writing these days, unless it's railing against the political forces in the country these days. Then I get damned near eloquent...

Sorry, I started to doze off there a second.

Anywho, I'm not going anywhere. I will still post and try to keep up with Holidailies, but I don't see myself making the Best of Holidailies with anything resembling eloquent exposition or sparkling wit.

Ya know, sometimes that's cool too.

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