Monday, December 12, 2005


Well, my attempt at Holidailies was quite the bust, huh?


There's still the better part of the month ahead, though. Let's try that one more time, shall we?


The one bit of news that I couldn't mention last week? I couldn't do that because it wasn't official, but it is now. Your humble narrarator is, as of January 1st, 2006, the new Chair for the Technology Committee of SoCal Grassroots. Yea!

Okay, the current chair didn't want to do it any longer, there really isn't a Technology Committee as such (it was just him at first, until I volunteered to update the website - and then there were two) and I was already thinking of running for it, so plop! Into my lap it fell. I've got ideas as to how to put together an actual committee and I'm pretty much there, I think. I even have a secretary in place. Unfortunately the current chair isn't interested in being Vice-Chair, so I need to find one - preferably someone with the technical skills he possesses. He's far more technologically proficient than I am.

For now. Let's see what happens when I get that Web Desgn Certificate I'll be starting to go to school for next month...


I think that I've mentioned before that, when I was younger, I was quite the klutz. Frequently tripping over my own feet, running into walls. Little hand-to-eye coordination, depth perception a bit off, not much sense of exactly where objects in the world were in relation to my body, even all through high school. Thing is, I rarely hurt myself in those days. Maybe I was just more flexible, my bones more rubbery. Or, after falling over myself often enough, I instinctively learned how to land.

I grew out of that by my early 20's. Somewhere along the line I acquired something resembling grace. Maybe it was just that I was more comfortable in my body. My reflexes definitely improved, almost miraculously at times. I may still occasionally knock things over, but I'm much better at catching them before they hit the floor. I'm much better at catching myself before I hit the floor.

Unfortunately, when I do hit the floor these days, I hurt myself. The Sunday before Thanksgiving I was crossing a street near my home, talking on my cell phone with one of my friends from SoCal Grassroots, IrishGuy (he's the Chair of the SCG Communications Committee), regarding a meeting we had the next day with SCG's Chair. It's a street I cross often, so it's not as if I'm not familiar with its little divots and potholes. However, being familiar doesn't mean that I can blithely cross the street whilst on the phone wearing boots I hadn't worn in ages, meaning I had forgotten the funny way I had worn away the heels on the edges. The street decided to teach me that lesson and wham! Onto my hands and kness I fell, phone flying out of my hand. My first thought was, "No, not my pretty little camera phone I love so much!" I got up instantly and snatched my phone from the pavement. Luckily my beloved cell just got a few scratches.

That's what I thought I had gotten at first, until I stepped onto the bus and felt my right knee start to burn. I sat in a seat near the back, pushed up my pantleg (thank heavens I was wearing pants) and saw some skin missing from my knee and blood around the edges.

Uh oh.

Oh well, just a little scrape. I'd certainly had those before. I cleaned it up when I got to ModelGirl's place.

The next few days belied that belief. I was in Thousand Oaks and Fresno for a few days around Thanksgiving, visiting family, and for some reason, every child, adult, table, car console or dog in the universe decided to zero in on that one square inch of damaged flesh. Add to that some seriously jostled muscles in my right upper back and shoulder - where I took more of the fall than I had thought - and I was one bruised and battered girl for a couple of weeks.

I managed to heal up from that quite nicely, but once again I got overconfident. Yesterday I was rushing to a committee meeting at the Beverly Center, for which I was later than I thought (got my times mixed up). I was almost to the community room (which is almost impossble to find - talk about your afterthought of a room - it's on the edge of the 3rd level of the parking structure, for fuck's sake) when I stepped on a grate dented by years of cars driving over it. My boots - different ones from before, these are ones I wear fairly often - twisted on the dented grate and my ankle followed suit. I caught myself, so there was no falling, but as I entered the room I noticed a pain.

Uh oh.

No seats were left, but luckily someone gave up his chair for me. It's someone I don't even like all that much, but when a girl's in pain and looking to stand a couple of hours, she's not going to be picky. She is going to be grateful. I was.

Thankfully the meeting only lasted another hour. Not so thankfully? Neither of my usual rides, MusicianMan and IrishGuy, were headed back to the Valley just yet. And I needed to get home. However, the fates were smiling upon my clumsy head, as I ran into a couple of other Valley people who were headed back home and offered to give me a ride. Yes, gratitude was definitely in order.

Especially once I got home and took off my boots. My poor right ankle was nicely swollen and proceeded to swell even more.

Guess who had to postpone a meeting for possible work today?

Looks like someone is going to have to start paying attention to the world around her again. 'Cause she ain't 17 anymore.


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