Monday, December 05, 2005

a little bit of this... 

Just random thoughts:

* The Monday before Thanksgiving I finally met my Almost-Husband, the darling Patrick! He was in town for a few days, visiting various friends, and he and I hung out Monday evening. A little dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - which happened to be near his hotel (which is nicer than any hotel room I've ever seen, including the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas) - was followed by me assuming I knew where we could see the latest Harry Potter movie. As a result we parked at the Beverly Connection, where it was proven that I hadn't been there since the beginning of time as the theater that had once been there was long, long gone. As in over a year gone. Yeah, I'm up on everything Los Angeles. We walked over to the Beverly Center, as I was positive it was playing there. So very wrong was I. At least we picked up an LA Weekly and found it at Grauman's Chinese, which I thought was perfect since it was Patrick's first visit to LA. Some time was spent walking up and down Hollywood Blvd, which is incredibly deserted on Monday nights, then a spot of coffee and into the movie we went.

Like the new Harry Potter alright (better than Patrick), but it still bugged me a bit. I found the pacing uneven and was annoyed by the way Michael Gambon was directed - I'm positive he wound not normally have made such a panicky Dumbledore were it not for the director. Okay movie, but nowhere near as good as Prisoner of Azkaban.

It was great to finally meet the man whose writing I've admired since 1998. Fun, sweet, quieter than me (though I was in a pretty talkative mood that night - it wouldn't have been hard to be quieter than me), but definitely a good conversationalist. And really cute to boot. See?

He doesn't like that picture, but he has no problem with me posting it. I think he's just adorable. I am so going to have to make my way to Boston!


In other news, life is continuing to be interesting. Lots of things are happening on the political activism front. I can't go into all of it right now, but hopefully next week I can spill the beans about a few things. One thing that I can say is that I am the secretary-elect for the Communications Committee of my main group, which is cool. Granted, no one else threw their hats into the ring, but the chair of the CC wanted me onboard in a more official capacity, so I agreed.

Also, the website that I designed for the woman running for Congress is live and she's happy with it (though I'm not - at least not entrirely). I'll be paid for that soon. And I have two more websites lined up - one to maintain and expand and one (tied in with the other) to design. And I'll be paid. Whee! Looks like I'm going to have to get myself a business license and all the things that baby businesses need.

Holy crap. I'm starting my own business. I feel all grown up or something.


With any luck y'all will see more frequent updates this month. Not because I've turned over a new leaf or anything. Oh no, my friends. It's just that I signed up for Holidailies (just got in under the wire), so as of December 7th I have to try to post every damned day. Since I completely missed NaNiWriMo this year, I thought I should give Holidailies a go.


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