Sunday, October 23, 2005

traveler comes home... 

(Urgh. Don't try to update two sites simultaneously when you're tired, your computer is touchy, your internet connection is in the mood to constantly cut out and you're fighting around someone else's bad coding to update the non-personal-blog site. Truly tries the patience, it does. Anyway...)

I'm back home from JournalCon 2005, and I'm exhausted. I didn't even travel all that far, either.

Sorry I can't post anything too detailed right now. My brain still needs to re-boot itself, but suffice to say that I met some great people, roomed with two lovely ladies, really missed my Almost-Husband Patrick, got nicely drunk on Friday night, sang kareoke with mixed results on Saturday (note to self: just because Cher sings in a low octave doesn't mean she sings in the same key I do - though I must say, I'm still rocking the Harper Valley, P.T.A.), wished I: played some poker with Chuck and Beth and that whole group (didn't hang out with them much - got distracted); were a little less quiet around certain people; were less distracted by non-JournalCon events and really wished JPL had waited a couple of weeks before it let me go, because doing something like this on a super strict budget is no fun whatsoever.

But I still had a great time and I gotta give shoutouts to a few folks: my roomies Amanda (she of the Australian crack known as Tim-Tams, though it was the Violet Crumble that won my candy loving heart) and Shawn (who was also kind enough to be my ride to and from San Diego, somehow managing to avoid kicking me out of her vehicle on the 5 when I couldn't keep my mouth shut for five minutes), the wild-adjacent Marigold, that Little Miss Know-It-All fredlet and my homie Ray, who helped to get me drunk on Friday night, encouraged debauchery that - due to bad timing - never happened, kept me fairly grounded when said bad timing threatened to sour my mood and is just an all around good guy.

And, of course, the gracious Minarae and her fab JournalCon committee. Lotsa love to be had. I liked pretty much everyone I met. From what I could tell, not a snobby whore in the bunch. I may give JournalCon another go next year.

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