Monday, August 22, 2005

über cool... 

During lunch I got to drive the little golf cart again, this time to the JPL Store (yes, there is JPL Store - I bought the cutest lil' knit hat for BSDaughter and NASA decals for BSSon since I'll be seeing them this Saturday for BSSon's birthday party) and then to the cafeteria. And, as I stood in line to pay for my to-go lunch, I looked out over the room full of lunching JPLers. Then, as I walked back to the golf cart (and how wise is it to entrust the keys to the golf cart to someone who doesn't drive often, I ask you?), my eyes took in the sights of strolling and chatting JPLers. A happy thought crossed my mind:

Science and engineering geeks as far as the eye could see, many of them cute and youngish and male. Damn, life is good...

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WWW all the fun of the fair...