Sunday, July 17, 2005

none too bright... 

I'm a smart chick. I think I'm smart, my friends and family think I'm smart, people whose intelligence I highly respect think I'm smart.

Unfortunately there are occasions when these smarts of mine fail me and I prove to be not entirely bright. Tonight would be one of those occasions. How else to explain why I thought drinking two (smallish) glasses of iced tea and a cup and half of fully caffeinated coffee would be a good idea at 9:30pm? At home? With nothing planned that would appropriately expend the energy that caffeine and sugar would impart to me?

Nope, I don't know either.

Truth be told, I thought that I would be pulling an all-nighter. I've been working on something for the Downing Street Minutes Day next week. I wanted to finish it tonight (er, I mean, Saturday night - Eh, I haven't slept yet, so as far as I'm concerned it's still Saturday) so that I could get it to MusicianMan with plenty of time for him to look it over and determine that it wasn't what he wanted (I've never before written the sort of thing I was working on - I'm pretty sure it's totally not what he wants). Thing is, while it was difficult, it didn't take as long as I anticipated. Off I sent it, for him to discover gracing his mailbox upon awakening.

I knew that I would still be up for a little longer, so I replied to a couple of e-mails and continued working on Day Two of my Sacramento tale. Unfortunately that is still unfinished, but very close to the end of the day (once I get the damned thing posted y'all will be surprised by just how short it is). Tiredness washed over me, so I decided to get some sleep. I shut everything down, did my evening rituals (which now includes fifteen minutes of attempted meditation - sometimes I can meditate and sometimes I find it impossible to focus) and tucked myself into bed.

My meditation tonight was fruitful in that I was able to meditate on my chosen subject with very little mental wandering. However it did not quiet my mind, as I spent over an hour trying to fall asleep. That I am currently typing this at nearly 4:30 am on Sunday morning is testament to my lack of success in that respect.

So why not at least do one of the memes that was entrusted to me, oh so long ago? Back in the deep, dark ages of the internet, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and mankind was but a gleam in G-d's Eye? Yep, all the way back in May of 2005 darling Grace asked that I participate in the following meme:
Grab the closest book to you. Resist the urge to get hold of one of the cooler, intellectual ones! You've gotta be honest. Turn to page 123. Go down five sentences, and then post the next three sentences in your blog. Simple.

Okay, you asked for it:
The window must begin with an alphanumeric character to be valid, with the following four exceptions:
_blank: Loads the link into a new (unnamed) blank window.
_parent: Loads the link into the immediate parent of the document in which the link is found.

Whew! That's some exciting reading there, I tell ya what! Actually I was brushing up on some HTML and CSS stuff earlier today, as I'll be working on a couple of websites soon, one for a political group to which I belong and another for my brother-in-law's martial arts master (BabySis' hubby is one of the master's instructors). The book I used was HTML 4 for Dummies by Ed Tittel and Stephen Nelson James. Ancient, yes, but it still has some useful stuff.

Hey, it coulda been worse. The other two books that were within easy reach were the Verizon SuperPages and the Bantam New College French & English Dictionary. Okay, so there are about thirty or forty books just a little further away on my dining room table - the first of which is The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. But that would have required stretching to reach it. Which would have meant I was cheating. And that would be wrong.

Okay, now to foist, er, I mean, pass this meme on to others. Who shall be the recipients of this literary meme? Oh, I know:

Grainne, the effervescent extemporizer that is The Eternal Optimist
Steve, the pearlescent proprietor of Evaporation
Jim, the buoyant butcher behind The Meat of the Matter

(Don't worry, Jim. I'll get to your meme soon enough.)

Well, due to a rather slow computer and internet connection (the modem that I borrowed from Sarriah, while very welcome, is from the 15th century, as it is only 28.8 kbps), this entry has actually taken almost an hour to write and research and post. As a result, daylight is smearing up the sky - in the words of friends of Alfred P. Doolittle from My Fair Lady. So off to bed go I, so that I may attempt to get a smidgen of sleep before I must rouse myself at 9:30 am.

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