Tuesday, June 07, 2005

still breathing... 

I'm still around, just not in a writin' mood, I guess. Perhaps the writer's block that had been visiting Jim until last month (or was it the month before) has come knockin' on my door. More likely it's the fact that a few things are hitting me at once and I'm just trying to sort them out. Not that bad (or good) things have been happening since I last wrote here. Life has been status quo, more or less. The job has definitely ended as of last Wednesday, so I've been taking care of a few things since then and doing all sorts of registering and e-mailing and unemployment filing and such. But even though the thought of working in an office type environment fills me with dread right now, I'm sure that'll change once my finances start looking dire. Thankfully I'm fine through the end of June - a little tight, perhaps, but nothing I'm not used to.

No, it's more that I'm looking at my future again and feeling it breathe down my neck and wondering if it's time for another kick in the ass. I think I'll be getting that soon enough. Hopefully it'll jumpstart my writing at the same time.

Patience though, my sweets. I will be back soon. Until then, if y'all haven't done so already, check out this episode of A Prairie Home Companion. I watched it live with Boychik, his brother and sister-in-law and MusicianMan at teh Hollywood Bowl. Absolutely wonderful.

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