Thursday, May 05, 2005

sinking in... 

Today was one of those work days that give a girl tension headaches. Like the one I have now. We had a company come in today to take the furniture samples to my reps' storage units and, even though I tried to do everything I was supposed to - call our loading dock two days in advance, ask them to let me know if anything crops up or there are changes in policy the day before the move - it still all got fucked up due to lack of communication on behalf of the guy in charge of the loading dock, which means headaches galore for several of us CFC folks.

It all got straightened out and the moving company guy and dock workers (who are cool guys) started taking away the furniture, leaving only the samples owned by SisterCompany (which, admittedly, are the majority of the samples). As the formerly crowded floor space opened up, an odd emotion washed over me.

Maybe it was the stress of the morning. Maybe it was my own tiredness. Maybe it was my flowering PMS. I don't know. But as I watched the huge dollies take away the furniture and I stalked around the floor verifying what was removed and what stayed, I felt misty. And sad. And I realized: even though the closing of the showroom is a good thing for me, I think I'm actually going to miss this place. So very strange, but there it is.

Maybe it's just time for a little Pamprin...

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