Monday, April 11, 2005

the skewing of a world... 

...at least, that's what everything looks like right now: just a little skewed.

I just received my pretty, brand-spanking new glasses in the mail from the most wonderful and fabulous BestFriend and I'm attemping to view the showroom through them. It's all pretty freaky.

Those of you who wear glasses and contacts know what I'm talking about, but for those of you lucky SOBs that have 20/20 vision, let me describe it for you. And then let me poke you in the eye.

Ever been slightly tipsy? Remember how objects on the periphery seem a little torqued? And how things right in front of you don't quite come into focus until you stop moving your head completely? That's sort of what new glasses and contacts are like.

In other words, I'm feeling slightly tipsy right now, but without the inhibition-lowering benefits of alcohol. After a few days, though, I should adjust.

As for the appearance of the glasses themselves, I'm not sure. The frames are a nice pinkish coppery color, which is very good for my coloring. I think they help my brown eyes to pop. And not in a Marty Feldman or out in space without a spacesuit sort of way.

But I feel as if the stems are too close to my face, making my not-petite visage appear even larger. I'm very picky about that sort of thing, and so it takes me forever to be happy with eyeglass frames. But SisterCompanyCounterpart thinks they look very good on me, so perhaps I'm being too particular.

*looking around the showroom* Man, I need coffee to sober up...

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