Sunday, April 03, 2005

please bring back my weekend! 

The weekend is very nearly over and I want it back.

Not that it was a momentous weekend, mind you. I mean, it was fun and all, but nothing earth-shattering happened.

(Except the possibility that some readers doubted my sanity after Friday's post - Doctor Bean was right, check out the date. Yeah, it was a lame April Fools deal, but it made me laugh. Especially the horrible photoshopping. And after all, as long as I can make myself laugh, do I really need to entertain anyone else?)

Friday night I hung out with ModelGirl and her family, which was very cool. We so rarely get a chance to get together these days, but we've now realized that Fridays work best for both of us. Of course, now that we've realized that fact I've also realized I don't have a free Friday until May, which is rare for me. Usually, no matter how busy I get, my Fridays tend to be open. Which is actually a little depressing because, well, date night and all, but it's also a very good rest night for me.

Saturday I traveled via MetroRail downtown to check out the CA State Budget Hearing. I had also planned to testify, what with e-mailing and signing up there and even preparing a little two minute speech, but there were too many people there ahead of me and not emough time. But I know I would have been brilliant. With luck, possibly even coherent.

I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon running errands and getting a manicure and pedicure. The pedicure was definitely needed because my toenails were turning into claws. Had they gotten any longer I would have been able to climb mountains without the need for spikes.

Then I did something I rarely do: I rented DVDs. Two, to be exact: Dawn of the Dead and The Incredibles. Obviously I had no theme night going on. But I did watch both of them, one after the other, and enjoyed both very much. The only real downside? My darling Matt Frewer had very little screen time in Dawn of the Dead. I won't lie, though I wanted to see the movie anyway, finding out Matt Frewer was in it tipped the scales in finally renting it. So to see him for maybe ten minutes tops? Made Carol a sad panda. Though, man oh man, he made the most of his ten minutes. A perfectly balanced perfomance.

Still, Dawn of the Dead was effectively creepy and wasn't quite as gory as I thought it was going to be. Sure, lots of blood was to be had (which I don't always mind), and a few moments of gross out gore (which I do mind, very much - I often take my glasses off for those moments), but I wore my glasses more often than not, which was a good thing. It did keep me on the edge of my sofa through most of the movie and I enjoyed the performances for the most part. Oh, and that Jake Weber fella? I'd never seen him before, but he is a cutie.

As for The Incredibles, what a fun movie! I love Pixar's stuff anyway and I was struck anew by how fantastic their animation is. I love how this time around the visuals were both more realistic and stylistic. Pretty tough feat. All of the characters were a great deal of fun, but I fell in love with little Edna 'E' Mode, the designer/maker of the superhero suits. Obviously modeled in part after the legendary costume designer Edith Head, she just makes me all giggly.

And then today I attended two meetings, one run by AARP in conjunction with one of my political groups, talking about the truth of the Social Security "crisis" and the other my Strategy Committee meeting. Luckily they were near each other, because there were several people who were attending both meetings. Good stuff all around. I received a ride from MusicianMan (previously known as DemDelegate - we're becoming friends and DemDelegate really doesn't describe him) between meetings. And I had two different people offer me a ride home! I ended up accepting an offer from a woman I'd seen at several of the meetings, but had never really spoken to before. But I knew she was a friend of MusicianMan and I trust him, so I was sure it would be cool. And it was. We talked quite a bit and she turned out to be a nice person. And I kept her laughing. We were following her friend for a bit and after we passed him she and I were laughing about his crazy driving when he called her cell phone. Whereupon she properly made him nervous by saying we were talking about him. And I chimed in my two cents. It's so much fun, making people nervous.

BTW, MusicianMan was the second person to offer me a ride, and he would have been the logical person, as he lives closer to me than his friend, but he had to go to the other end of the Valley first, which would meant I might not have gotten home until after 9pm. I thought it best to go straight home.

A nice weekend all told. But tomorrow... Tomorrow it's back to work I go. Oh happy happy joy joy.

Can we please bring the weekend back? That would be great, thanks...

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