Sunday, April 10, 2005

home sweet home... 

I'm home and I am exhausted. So why I'm still up is beyond me. Actually it's not beyond me. I've had no internet access since Friday morning, so I'm going through my e-mail and answering a couple of the simpler ones. Oddly enough, tonight the simple e-mails are from my political groups. Go figure. But I did end up going to the Communications Committee meeting, so maybe my head is still there.

Quick weekend rundown:

1) Still not fond of Greyhound, but it's not so bad when I managed to get two seats to myself all the way to my destination and back, which made lots of napping possible both ways;

2) Paris Hotel is very nice, but in the end a standard hotel room is still a standard hotel room (though way better than a motel room - and even better when free);

3) Enjoyed my time spent with TheFirst and his family and friends (instantly hit it off in a "bait each other with jibes and insults" kind of way with one of his friends from his work and hit it off with another of his friends and her daughter);

4) However, I have had reaffirmed that Vegas is fun for me when I'm there for an occasion of some sort, but not the kind of place I'd enjoy just for the hell of it;

5) If I read one more horoscope that tells me that romance is in the air when patently there is nothing of the sort, especially when I'm all sensitive and PMSy (I've been off and on irritable all week, verbally letting rude people know, in no uncertain terms, they're being inconsiderate assholes - a sure sign I'm expecting my Monthly Visitor), I will put my foot through the offending monitor/newspaper;

6) Attending a political meeting right after getting home after being on bus/subway for 7+ hours might not be the best of ideas (thank heavens I had an hour to freshen up before heading out to the meeting);

7) Sticking around to observe two people in a heated debate when feeling more than a little sleepy is also not the best of ideas (one of the fellas was my friend MusicianMan - and my ride home);

8) Staying awake to check and answer e-mail and to post a quickie entry? Yet again, not one of the best of ideas.

Good night, one and all.

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