Monday, April 18, 2005

convention thoughts... 

Once again, another weekend in which there was so much going on that trying to distill it into a brief, yet enjoyable blog entry may be beyond my abilities.

Being at the California Democratic Convention was fun and frustrating and exciting and painful. Okay, the painful part was because I was stupid enough to wear heels all day on Saturday (but damn, my legs looked good!), but all the rest was due to my peculiar state of mind. One minute I was excited and all but jumping up and down at the energy of the place and the next I just wanted to smack people for dragging things out that I don't think needed to be dragged out. Yes, I'm new to this whole thing and I realize that groups and organizations are trying to reach consensuses (consensii?) amongst thousands of people, but sometimes it feels like folks are just trying to be argumentative. And I was a little miffed at a friend of mine for various reasons that were mainly due to my own moodiness but a little because of his own actions, and that colored the weekend a bit.

Still, watching Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi speak was terrific, as was seeing so many of the state's Democratic movers and shakers, and even meeting a few of them. Had I been less shy and unsure of myself, I could have even met Jerry Brown. I mean, I was only three feet away from him at a big bash thrown by Democracy for America, Valley for Democracy and SoCal Grassroots, all organizations I participate in (my Communications Committee is with SoCal Grassroots), which was pretty cool. I would have had more fun at that party, but I was in kind of a weird mood at that point and I was very tired. I mean, I still enjoyed myself, but not as much as I could have.

Another thing that was exciting? Stopping by a party thrown by Progressive Democrats of America at the recommendation of MusicianMan and running into an old friend who introduced me to her mentor, who introduced me to some folks pretty high up in PDA, to all of whom I expressed my desire to use my writing talents (most of which seem to have deserted me today) to help out. And I e-mailed one of them today to remind her of me and my offer, so I'm actually following through. Yippee! It was even worth suffering through the annoying attentions of a over-age frat boy and his younger yippy laughing hyena side-kick - I found them amusing at first, but when they just kept at the same shtick (including the much taller than me frat-boy being waaaay to obvious about looking at my cleavage - which yes, there was cleavage, but not all that much) I grew rather bored and wandered off for water to combat the effects of the wine I'd just had. But I flirted with a few other guys on Saturday, which is always fun.

Plus Friday night I ended up spending a great deal of time with a lady whom I knew from various meetings and we totally hit it off. Very cool.

And I met all sorts of fabulous people, including a rather cute and intelligent fella from Davis (near Sacramento) with whom I exchanged information, after which he exhorted me to contact him whenever I headed up to San Francisco, as he had friends in the city and wouldn't mind getting together for lunch or something. That was rather cool. Heck, even walking home from the subway station on Sunday an attractive gentleman struck up a conversation with me and we ended up exchanging phone numbers - turns out he's a progressive liberal himself. And last night Sarriah and I got together for lunch in a Burbank park and dinner at Swingers in West Hollywood and talking about boys. And sighing about boys. And wondering what the deal is with the boys in our lives. And then more talking about boys. Yeah, it was a pretty boy-centric evening.

Two pretty cool weekends right in a row. And with the San Francisco trip with Sarriah this weekend, whereupon I will meet new people (psst -- some of them may or may not even be bloggers - shhhh...) and stay with current friends and just have lots and lots of fun, it's looking like I'll be having three cool weekends in a row.

April just rocks.

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