Wednesday, April 27, 2005

birthday notes... 

Just a few notes on the birthday itself:

* Here I sit, still at work (I'll be leaving soon) and I gaze upon the gorgeous floral bouquet given to me by my reps. It is huge and stunning and every time I look at it or smell its fragrant essence I have to smile. It makes me very, very happy.

* The birthday itself was very low-key and, in truth, started out a bit on the down side for me. Perhaps because I was still experiencing a bit of pain from the day before due to dozing off and on in a car for a number of hours after crashing at the unfamiliar apartment of Brian the night before. Sleeping in an unfamiliar place is always difficult for me, which means I was a tossin'-'n'-turnin' girl. And yes, my weekend sex bout with the Gentleman of Undisclosed Identity may have contributed to the pain. I tend to forget that I'm neither as young or as flexible as I think I am. At least not until the following day.

* Still, despite the slightly low feeling with which I started the day, the actual birthday turned out to be a wonderful one. Nothing spectacular happened, but there was such a lovely flow of well-wishes from so many directions that my mood was gradually lifted until, by the time my writing class was over in the evening, I was practically floating. Not that my classmates knew of my birthday. Even I'm not so egocentric to walk into class proclaiming the day of my birth. But - as I seem to be hopelessly boy-crazy for the time being (I'm making up for my teen years, in which, though I liked boys, I was never this nutty over them) - chatting with an attractive, intelligent classmate during the break about religious fanatics made me smile all the more. And I received an unexpected Happy Birthday phone call in the morning from a relatively new gentleman friend of mine, which was very sweet of him (just friends, nothing more, though he's dreadfully handsome in his rugged way). Not to mention my incredibly fabulous friends and family and you, my dear readers.

* Apparently I have people picking up strange men in bars for me. ValleyGirlRep called me up on her day off to tell me about a man she and her husband met in a bar they like to frequent. Apparently the moment she saw this fellow she thought of me and, as she and her hubby got to know him, she was even more convinced that we should meet. So she told him about me, which he seemed to like, and got his information to give to me. Which she did. I've decided, oh, what the hell, so I've e-mailed him. We'll see what, if anything, comes of it. But it's nice to know people are looking to set me up!

* My high of Monday was somewhat tempered by yesterday, as I woke up with a horrific headache and ended up sleeping the day away. Desperately needed, perhaps, but certainly not the way to start a day.

* I'm planning a belated birthday party for myself in a little over a week and it promises to be an interesting one. I've invited all sorts of folks: some dear and old friends; some people who aren't necessarily amongst my oldest or closest friends, but whom I know are such fascinating and terrific people that I felt compelled to invite them (I'm sure some of them are thinking, "Huh? Okay."). I love to mix up the different parts of my life at these sorts of things, to see how people I know from disparate areas mingle and get to know one another. It's fun and exciting and - thus far - has never ended badly.

Yep, the birthday wheels are still a-turnin'. Just as it should be...

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