Thursday, April 14, 2005

all out of sync... 

I know that today is Thursday. My calendar, my co-workers, the sales people I support - all agree that today is Thursday. Even that header up there tells me it's Thursday.

Then why do I have no idea what today is?

Having last Friday off may have had something to do with it. Getting into Vegas three hours after my original arrival time actually started with throwing me off, as I planned on having more time to just hang. Then all the traveling made it worse, then the meeting, then coming into work the day after getting back (I usually take a day off after getting home from my travels to decompress).

There was no writing class on Monday night, due to spring break, this week my writing group was moved to Wednesday instead of Tuesday so that I could attend a BookCrossing meeting on Tuesday night (no CuteNerdBoy, which was a bit disappointing, as I'm feeling stronger than I had in a long time and was actually really ready to see him again, instead of just a little bit ready, but it was still a nice night). And I've got this Friday off so that I can take care of a few things and volunteer for the California Democratic Convention, which I'll be at one way or the other all weekend, either as a volunteer or observer or attending a workshop or going to a fantastic party.

And I'm actually working on three different blog entries simultaneously, but can't seem to get the time to complete any of them, as all three require more time for thinking and writing than this lil' entry and I've been using the writing section of my brain for schoolwork and regular work and putting together notes for my friend's script (which I sent to him yesterday - I haven't heard his thoughts on them yet, but I know he's absurdly busy - I hope he understands where I was coming from with them) and... *breathe*

So it feels like Thursday, because I've been at work for four days (including today), but with writing group last night it sort of feels like Wednesday. Then again, with tomorrow off, it also feels like Friday.

Is it any wonder I'm confused?

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