Saturday, March 19, 2005

sweet, sweet people... 

A few days ago I wrote about the week o' Sondheim music being forwarded by my music mailing list. After MailingListFella sent his first song of the week (Agony - a funny, funny ditty from Into the Woods) I e-mailed him thanking him for the song and for the week of Sondheim. I mentioned in my e-mail that Into the Woods is one of my top five favorite Sondheim musicals, possibly number four or five, though the music from Evening Primrose was beautiful enough to break my heart, which would make it rise in the ranks pretty quickly.

The next day I received a response from him, thanking me for my comments and asking for my mailing address, if I didn't mind, as he might have a surprise for me. My insatiable curiosity piqued, I gave it to him, but also telling him no surprises were necessary, but that I appreciated the thought.

Yesterday, after arriving home, I checked my mail. And there was a small package from him. I felt it - as I always do because it's almost like Christmas when I get unexpected fun stuff - and it felt CD-ish, so I opened it. It looked CD-ish too, but as I read the label I squealed like a little girl. Then I jumped up and down and rushed around the apartment a little. Then I squealed some more.

It was a surprise indeed. Because it was a DVD copy of the original television production of Evening Primrose from Stage 67 on ABC back in 1966, starring Anthony Perkins.


This is something that is all but impossible to get hold of. It's not on DVD anywhere. It's not on commercially available video. I have no idea how he got it, except he's been in entertainment for a very long time and has connections.

However he got it, I am very, very grateful. Between that and the lovely Kevin Gilbert CDs given to me by Chuck after the party in Pomona - which I'm also enjoying very much - I'm stunned anew by the sweetness and generosity of people. I know to some it may not be much, but with new family drama a-brewing (which I may even write about, once I can process it enough not to freak me the hell out), it means a lot to me. For that, I am most grateful.

Sometimes I freaking love people, ya know?

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