Wednesday, March 02, 2005

oh woe is me... 

I'm sick. Just a small head-cold, but enough to make it difficult to breathe without turning into a mouth-breather, which is just such a lovely look for me.

That's what happens when a girl is constantly running around. And I most definitely have been. Since I got back from Tucson I used my day off on Tuesday to make sure I was enrolled in my writing class (yes, that took nearly the entire day), had dinner with TheFirst, went back to work on Wednesday, went to a Valley Progressives meeting on Thursday night (for which I was an hour late due to traffic), went to a fun party over at Jim's place in Pomona on Friday, went to a DP/SFV election Saturday morning in North Hollywood (where grassroots progressives swept the positions - yea!), then straight to a Strategy Sub-Committee meeting in Santa Monica and had my improv class on Sunday morning.

Monday night was my writing class (praise be to GruvLoungeGoth for being so sweet to give me a ride - we happen to have classes right next to each other and with our workplaces so close to each other, I just meet him at his work and off we go!) and last night was taking Sarriah out to dinner for an early birthday night, though today is her actual birthday - yesterday was BabySis' birthday. Happy birthday to them both!

There were actually two or three other things that I had planned or thought might happen that fell through, which was probably just as well. Because I actually caught up on some of my sleep this past weekend, which was exquisitely nice. And at the party on Friday I enjoyed a little drunken kissing with one of the guests (someone I'd been in contact with previously to the party, though I met him for the first time on Friday), so that was of the good. Also of the good? A ride from the DP/SFV elections to the Strategy meeting from one of the sub-committee's co-chairs, DemDelegate (whom I may have to re-nickname, since he has said several times he's a Progressive, not a Democrat, though he is a delegate to the California Democratic Party). I asked him very prettily, with tilted head and batted eyelashes, and he agreed, though there was some joke (I think) demurring on his part.

Of course the ride meant less bus time, of which I always approve. Though I have to say, the way he drove (we were running late) there were a few times I wondered if we'd make it in one piece. I grabbed the hand-hold by my head more than a few times. Maybe that was his way of making sure I never asked him for a ride ever again. As if that would dissuade me. Ha!

One more interesting thing about the weekend. Somehow, some way, without intending to, I keep ending up sitting next to the leaders at these Progressive/Democratic meetings. I swear that is not my intent, but - this time at the Strategy meeting - I sat at one end of a table so that I might face the only two people who were seated at that point. It just made it easier. Well, a few minutes later DemDelegate - who had been prowling around the room to find an electrical outlet for his rapidly dying iBook - sat at the other end of the three-place table at which I was sitting. Which left one space between us. Which, because DemDelegate is a co-chair, meant the other co-chair (LakoffCousin) sat next to me. And he led the meeting. This meant for most of the meeting the entire group of 20+ people were also taking a peripheral gander at me. I was definitely starting to feel as if I had made the wrong decision in my seating choice, that I didn't belong in my chair, because who am I but a freaking newbie still trying to find her way?

Very strange. Yet slightly exhilarating too, in an odd way. I'm still wondering how I end up in these situations, though. I guess someone has to sit next to meeting leaders. Might as well be me.

Tonight I was supposed to go to a Valley for Democracy meeting, but I am simply not feeling up to it. Too tired and too worn down. I think I shall off myself to home (I'm at work still - my phone line at home has been down since Sunday and won't get fixed until tomorrow) and curl up under a comforter and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Because I'm pretty close to doing that right now...

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