Thursday, March 03, 2005

oh, bloody hell... 

There are twenty-four hours in the day. Let's subtract eight hours for sleeping (though few people I know regularly use all eight hours - including me). That leaves sixteen hours in which things can be planned. Being generous, let's figure in an hour for ablutions and another two hours for traveling to and from somewhere in Los Angeles. Which allows for thirteen hours in which events can take place. Several events could fit nicely in the space of thirteen hours. I've been known to juggle three events in that span of time and still have time for additional traveling and TV watching.

Which makes me question why the three things I really want to do on March 12th are all happening in the same four hour period (9:30am to 1:30pm).

1) Progressive Alliance meeting: I missed a meeting last night so I'd rather not miss too many more. And this one has speakers who sound pretty interesting. Plus it's in Van Nuys, which isn't too far from me and, in fact, takes only one bus to get there.

2) A writing workshop: a woman who is supposed to be an excellent writer and very good at leading writing workshops with a metaphysical bent is leading one at the place where I attended the psychic reading fair last month. Unfortunately it's all the way the hell in El Segundo at 9:30am, which means I would have to leave the house 7:30am at the earliest.

3) Kenny Club meeting: I've already begged off this one, which is a shame since the meeting venue is very close to me (I could walk there in twenty minutes). I hate to miss it because I've only attended one meeting since I was accepted to the group in November, but unfortunately this one must run a very close third to the other two.

When are the disparate elements in my life going to learn to organize things to maximize my availability? I guess they just don't understand...

Update - 6:25PM: I have, not surprisingly, opted to go with Door #1. Sorry, Doctor Bean!

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