Monday, March 28, 2005

not for me to judge... 

I've avoided writing about Terri Schiavo thus far. Of course I have my opinions and not surprisingly they tend to fall in line with those who believe that Congress and Bush have no right to interfere - I am highly cynical about their "concerns" in this case. Whenever I see Terri's parents my heart breaks for them, for their desperation to hang on to the hope that the daughter they once knew is still there, somewhere inside that poor woman. I feel for her husband, for choices he's felt he's had to make and the arrows currently being slung at him. There will be no winners when all is said and done.

But in the end it is not for me to judge. I do not know the participants of this tragedy. Though I have lost loved ones before their time, I've never gone through such a horrific scenario. I pray that I never have to.

Unfortunately there are other people who have been through it. Dana writes of her sister-in-law, her best friend. It's a sobering and sad story.

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