Wednesday, March 30, 2005

everyone loves meme... 

...so, at the behest of the lovely and fabu GraceD, I will now unfurl a meme for you so beautiful, so breathtaking, you will weep when you have finished reading it. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Enjoy!

Three Names You Go By
1) Carol
2) Carol Elaine
3) Petite Chou

Three Screennames You've Had
1) Ordinary Goddess
2) Francaise
3) Carol

Three Things about Yourself
1) I used to shut myself in my room for hours on end when I was a young teen, reading and acting out stories.
2) Acting classes in junior high and high school probably saved my life and my sanity.
3) My lasagna is very yummy.

Three Things You Don't Like About Yourself
1) My tendency towards procrastination. I was going to turn it into an artform, but maybe later.
2) Though I'm getting better, I can still be rather passive-agressive at times, even though I hate it in others.
3) I am naturally rather hirsute.

Three Parts of Your Heritage (Only three? I'm a mutt.)
1) French-Canadian
2) English
3) Native American (we suspect Iroquois, but we're not sure)

Three Things That Scare You
1) Harm to those I love
2) Being the victim of violent crime (hasn't happened, thank heavens)
3) George W. Bush

Three Parts of Your Everyday Essentials
1) Cleaning my ears (I was out of Q-tips recently and I couldn't stand it)
2) Checking my e-mail and blog stats ad nuseum
3) Writing

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1) A smile
2) A nude colored push up bra
3) A "gold" and "diamond" necklace with three interlocking hearts

Three Favorite Musical Artists (Only three?)
1) Jonatha Brooke
2) Third Door Down
3) Anthony Stewart Head

Three Favorite Songs (Y'all are killing me with the "only three".)
1) Kermit the Frog, Rainbow Connection
2) Ben Folds Five, Smoke
3) Louis Armstrong, What A Wonderful World

Three Things to try in the Next 12 Months
1) Submit a story to a magazine for publication
2) Finish intermediate and advanced improv classes and get cast in an improv troupe
3) Become romantically involved with someone I could conceivably love (then again, I've been trying that for the better part of a decade - hmmm...)

Three Things You Want in a Relationship - Love is a given (I just kept Grace's answers, because that's what I want too.)
1) Humor
2) Deep companionship
3) Sex

Two Truths and a Lie
1) I waited until I was 23 before I gave away my virginity.
2) The last guy I had sex with had a penis ring (though there were no piercings) and our first time was in a closet at a rave-like party with a door that wasn't really a door.
3) I wanna be just like Dick Cheney when I grow up.

Three Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to You
1) Strong masculine hands
2) Strong noses (I seem to have a thing for Jewish atheist/agnostic boys)
3) Wire-rim glasses (okay, not intrinsically masculine, but I do love wire-rim glasses on a man)

Three Things You Just Can't Do
1) Whistle a merry tune on key
2) Cartwheels
3) Wrap my legs around my own neck

Three Favorite Hobbies
1) Blogging, baby!
2) Reading
3) Making mix CDs

Three Things You Want to Do Really Badly Right Now
1) Go home and nap
2) Sit naked in a mineral spring spa
3) Have sex with a certain guy friend (We're just friends, which is cool with me, but man, every time I see him - which is fairly often - I just want to do the horizontal bop with the man - oddly enough, I'm not talking about CuteNerdBoy. For once.)

Three Careers You're Considering
1) Novelist/fiction writer
2) Actress/improv troupe member
3) Interior Decorator

Three Places You Want to Go on Vacation
1) England
2) France
3) The Netherlands

Three Kid Names
1) Alaina
2) Phillip
3) James

Three Things You Want to Do before You Die
1) Get published
2) Fall madly in love with and marry a man who is perfect for me
3) Have/adopt children

Three Ways I'm Stereotypically a Boy
1) My cordless power drill makes me very happy
2) I'm a fan of Leonard Cohen (I've been told this is a guy thing)
3) Science fascinates me

Three Ways I'm Stereotypically a Girl
1) I lovelovelove clothes, jewelry, shoes and make-up
2) I tear up (and sometimes bawl like a baby) when listening to beautiful music
3) I love to bat my eyelashes at hapless men who are powerless to resist my flirtatious ways (Yes, I do live in my own little world, why do you ask?)

Three Celeb Crushes (Again with the only three?)
1) Jon Stewart
2) Anthony Stewart Head
3) Hugh Jackman

The Three Bloggers Who Must Do This Quiz (two of these folks are actually journalers, but that's okay)
1) My lovely wife Sarriah
2) The wonderfully naughty Brian
3) My fabulous almost-husband Patrick
And a Bonus Blogger: my dearest, darling SweetieSis Linda. I know we're only supposed to invite three bloggers, and originally I didn't ask her because I know she has an absurdly busy schedule (I really need to ask her to bottle some of her energy and ship it to the States), but still, I would love to read her answers. Plus it might get her to update her blog again!

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